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Files Finish, but don't...


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I searched through the forum but did not find any topics resembling mine, sorry if my question has already been answered.

I was using v1.14 when this happened the first time.

Download finishes (100%),

does check,

then starts uploading.

But the actual file says that it is a "BitComet unfinished downloaded file".

So far they were all videos (all 3) and I was able to watch them with no problem. Except for the msg that pops up saying "this file has not finished downloading are you sure you want to open it?"

The files are tagged as a bitcomet unfinished download

I goto the task and goto it's properties, shows file size 1.28/1.28 but it says 99.6%

When this first happened I then upgraded to 1.15, but it happened again, 1 out of ~8 downloads

Just recently reformatted, re-installed 1.14 from ext. drive. And it happened again.

To add, these are all different torrents that I downloaded. So its not isolated to a certain file. This just happens randomly so far that I can see. Has anyone ran into this problem? I can't get the file to finish.



Never had this problem before.

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yes, and none of those refer to me.

When I am on the download screen, it will show files uploading/downloading green and red arrows that indicate this. The specific file will say 100% downloaded and it will be uploading the file to other people.

Seeding File name progress

[red arrow]|xxx_xxx-xvid-maxspeed.avi|play|1.28bg|100%|0 KB/sec|56KB/sec ect...

Then if i Click on this file, right click goto properties, you can see a similiar screen and it said 99.6%,(only 1 of the torrents) All other torrents were fine. Showed up as AVI's and 100%, except for one of the torrents reporting incorrect file progress in the main page and a file type of !bc.

I think I fixed the issue by doing the following

Tools>Options - Task

Uncheck "add !bc File extension to unfinished file"

So now no matter what it will never be a bitcomet unfinished download.

The problem still exists though, that the file had not completed succesfully yet reported to me that it had and started to seed itself.

I removed the file and task of the latest torrent that gave me this issue and redownloaded it, and did not replicate my issue. Since then have downloaded atleast 10 torrents. (last night)

So is this a new issue that you have not heard of?

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When you see this, try running hash-check on the file. I suspect that this is already happening, and that a piece is failing the check. That would revert the file to incomplete status. It looks like you're getting in the middle of the process. Re-running the hash check may sort everything.

There is an option to always do a final hash check on the finished file. You should enable this, as it often finds problems. They can be quickly and automatically cured by just leaving things alone. The corrupt piece will be re-downloaded, the file checked again, and found to be ok now.

The "!bc" option is purely for your convenience, to make it easy to distinguish (or sort) a directory listing to tell what has finished and what has not. It doesn't actually change anything about the file except the name. Most players will try to play an incomplete file if they can identify the encoding, and you may not notice anything missing, depending on how incomplete that file is and exactly what is missing. (Under Bittorrent, unlike most other protocols, the missing piece could be anywhere in the file, not just at the end.)

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