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Port Forwarding in Windows Defender


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You can only forward a port in a router. You can open a port in a firewall.

Windows Defender is neither of those.

Which leads me to the conclusion that you'd better state what your problem is, read and provide all the info requested here, and maybe we can help you.

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All TCP and UTP packets have port numbers. These are simply routing numbers, nothing more.

The purpose of a firewall is to block incoming traffic that wasn't solicited -- IOW, traffic that isn't in reply to something you sent.

A software firewall that runs on your computer can be directed to allow unsolicited traffic in, either at a specific port or ports, or altogether (though in that case there's no purpose in having a firewall. Just turn it off if you want to do this. You'll be completely unprotected.)

Never, never connect to the internet without a working firewall.

Opening a port on the software firewall simply allows this kine of traffic into the TCP/IP stack, but only if it has that routing number, that port address.

An external device like a router, which has a firmware firewall built into it, can't directly allow traffic into the stack -- it's external, it just allows traffic into the network connection. What happens to it afterwards is not under the router's control. The packet has left the router.

So for that sort of external firewall, we speak of "forwarding" the port onward to the next device, without knowledge or concern of what that device -- computer, gateway, hub, access point -- might be, but you don't forward a port on a software firewall.

Windows Defender is not a firewall, not of any kind. This means that you must not rely on it by itself to protect your computer. You *must* have a working firewall or you will be infected and taken over. Defender is absolutely NOT a substitute for a firewall.

Most of the email spam you get comes to you courtesy of people just like you who turned off their firewall, even temporarily. They may have turned it back on, but it's too late == they're already infected, taken over, and their computer and network connection are now working on behalf of somebody else, serving up spam or participating in DDOS attacks, all unknown to their owners. This kind of attacker wants to keep you fat, dumb and happy, never suspecting that he controls your machine, not you.

It takes less time to get zombied like this than it does to install Windows. I'll let you imagine how they found that out.

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My problem is this.

I have the windows firewall turned on, and I've opened the port there.

I've forwarded the port in my router also.

I also have Nod32 antivirus and Ad-aware.

The port was open.

But I've decided to install Windows Defender just for more security and now my port is blocked, so I thought that Defender is the one that is blocking my port.

If it is I just want to know how to open the port there, so I won't have to delete the program.

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Try disabling Defender, and see if the issue goes away. If it does, then you might want to install Malwarebytes Anti-malware instead of Defender. Let us know if turning it off works.

If it doesn't, then installing Defender was probably just a coincidence and something else is wrong.

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This is not an upgrade. This is installation of a new OS from the ground up. As a repair strategy it's a little drastic, we try to refrain from suggesting that people rip out their OS and start completely over. Usually.

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