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1. Themes support for those who don't like the default colors/design. I'm not a fan of the big orange icon and would like to have the choice of something else both within the program and in the system tray.

2. The ability to remove the IE browser box. I have Windows 7 and have deactivated Internet Explorer. It's a minor annoyance, but it is still annoying that I have a useless box that I have to look at whenever I use BitComet. Alternatively, find another way to allow the same function without IE.

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I'm referring to the box in the lower left hand corner. My understanding is that this is some iteration of the IE browser, though I might be wrong. It doesn't work for me, I'm assuming, because I have turned off IE in Windows 7.

Thanks for the request for clarification. I hope that helps. :)

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I suppose you must mean the BC Passport status box. It uses an MSIE leftover to display itself, and problems or errors there generate the default MSIE error message. You can, if you like, disable that entire left-hand pane by unchecking FAVORITES in the VIEW menu. I think the result is cleaner and easier on the eyes anyway.

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