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LT Seeds Downloading but No Progress Made

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Hey, I'm new here so please forgive me if I posted wrong forum or don't know all technical terms.

I'm downloading a file which is 1.5G. When I started downloading the torrent it said there was plenty of seeds for that torrent. All there was was long time seeds. This was all good until I downloaded 80% of the task, then no further progress was made. I have downloaded 5G since and haven't moved off 80%. And yes, thats downloaded not uploaded. I expect to lose some MBs when downloading but not 5G worth. Everytime I start the task it goes h*** for leather downloading from long time seeds but no seeds from other users. Even worse it has occurred on 2 other tasks as well which have stopped at 70 and 90 and just keep downloading from long time seeds.

Whats going on?

Thanks for your help.

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If the index site was claiming there were seeders, you should be aware that all index site swarm statistics are out of date - by a little, up a whole lot. Some sites provide for rescraping by request, but those that do not can be long out of date. Most sites do not state when they last polled the tracker and determined that there were all those seeders, but that could have been last year.

The only thing that matters is how many there are right now, and your client scrapes the tracker for the definitive word on how many that is. If you are successfully contacting the tracker, and it says there aren't any seeders, then there aren't any seeders and all of the index sites claiming differently are wrong.

LT seeders are something else, and the tracker does not track them at all.

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