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Turn off Tabs completely in CometBird

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Under Options -> Tabs, unselect "open windows in a new tab instead" and "always show the tab bar". Then don't do tablike things. This is probably as close as you'll get. It won't open new tabs unless specifically directed to.

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Your question sounds like: "Is there any way I could trade my Porsche with a horse and a wagon?"

Why would you want to turn off tabs? Everyone (including M$' Internet Explorer) uses tabs these days because they facilitate web navigation not make it harder.

CometBird is based on Mozilla Firefox source-code and those developers are (thanks God) trying to make that browser go forward not backwards. If you don't want tabs I guess that the best you can do in Mozilla browsers, is to clear the check mark in the "Open new windows in a new tab instead".

But other than that, if you want to never see a tab again, go back to IE v.6.x and you'll live happily ever after with its endless windows.

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Your question sounds like...

Yep I am old school i am afraiad :rolleyes: - never had liked Tabs. In IE8 I can turn off Tabs altogether in the options (pic attached) I have tried clearing the box in CometBird about Open new windows in a new tab instead but it hasnt worked for me I still get tabs sometimes instead when i dont want them. No, dont want to go back to IE6 (too many sites saying to upgrade my browser!)



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