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Windows Media Player interfering with TigerPlayer

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BitComet Version 1.14

OS: Vista Home Premium

Video Drivers Installed: Windows Media Player, Quicktime, TigerPlayer (mpcstar)

Downloaded file has this extension in BitComet: ]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG

Opens as "avi" extension in TigerPlayer (mpcStar) but Windows Media Player overlays a message of "CODEX ERROR Use Windows Media Player" and then shuts down the video after 10 seconds. When I went to Windows Media Player to watch, it tells me that it does not recognize the extension "avi".

Help! (And, thanks in advance!)


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Hi, first step I'd recommend is to go into folder settings on vista. Open any folder and go to...

Tools>Folder Options

Then on the "view" tab, uncheck "hide extension for known file types", then go to the top and "apply to folders"

Now you will correctly see that the file extension of this video is indeed ".avi".

Now regarding your problem. It seems your file associations aren't set properly, and both media players are attempting to open the file at the same time. In addition, your system codecs (decoding filters) don't recognize the file, so windows media player can't play it.

A very simple way to play the file would be to open your player of choice, then click on "file" and "open", then browse to the video and open it that way. This will bypass windows attempt to decide which program to open the video with.

There is also a possibility that you have some conflicting codecs installed that are causing this error. If you have installed any without being exactly sure what you were doing, then you may have a problem that needs to be addressed. If your sure that you have never installed any codecs, then I'd recommend you get ONE codec pack and install it. When you do, make sure you don't change the default settings unless you have a specific reason to. Making random changes, or installing all options on a codec pack is one sure way to corrupt your system.

I use "K-lite codec pack (full)", and have never had a problem with it. Some feel the "CCCP codec pack" is safer for novice users. Either of these choices is free and can be found by doing a search on google or any other search engine.

They also include a media player "Media Player Classic", which is much like MPCstar. It won't hurt to install it, its my player of choice.

Another good option is VLC Player, a free player that doesn't rely on external Codecs. You can get it free at Videolan.org.

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I'm more than 90% sure that she downloaded a fake torrent in this case.

Public tracker index sites are full of them these days, especially if you are targeting the newest movies. Try reading the comments for the torrents before downloading them.

Besides, sites like isohunt.com have also a rating system (all the torrents rated with minus, which appear in red, are already reported to be fake).

So dianne, I'm afraid that the only useful thing you can do with your file, is to delete it and free up some space on your hdd.

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Thanks, both of you, for your help. I am now certain that I downloaded a bogus version because my system started freezing up soon after my two aborted attempts to watch the stupid thing lol This has been my first foray into movie download territory and after spending this rainy day debugging my computer instead of cozying up beside the fire with a good movie in my lap, it will probably be my last. I realize now that I should have looked beyond the download button when I found the movie, but I had no idea that I could be the target of malicious software...duh! LOL

I am sure bitcomet is a wonderful resource as well as an excellent school of hard knocks for the newbie, and THIS newbie learned alot today!

What I am taking away from this experience after (finally) removing the offending video and the cursed Cometbird browser(how THAT snuck onboard, I have no idea!), and now that my computer is finally acting normally again, I will seriously reconsider the upside of driving the 20 miles to the movie theatre and spending the $30 bucks to watch the d*** thing from now on! LOL

Thanks again, guys :o)


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