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I am a newbie and I need some help, please?!


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Unfortunately, all this listen port and routers and all that is a bit beyond me. I followed the guide and put all of the suggested numbers in the appropriate places, and yes I checked it at least twice, to SEE WHO WAS BEING NAUGHTY OR NICE..LOL.

Will some knowledgeable person take pity on me and give me a step by step that is not too difficult to follow...? At one point I was getting a yellow light and now a Grey. When I got the yellow it said that the listening port was being blocked, but when I checked the firewall exceptions, all of the required BitComet exceptions were there , as far as I could tell. Here is the message it gave me when the yellow light was on:

173.126.x.x:21317 blocked

I use a Sierra Wireless broadband modem card from Sprint and I know that it has its own firewall. I need some expertise, as I am at a loss, my friends. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Stephen aka complearning123

Not a very good idea to give your IP to everyone who visits this site.

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One thing I can tell you with the info you posted is that your cellular broadband card is firewalled, and there is no way your going to get good results using p2p programs like bitcomet.

Some older versions of BitComet have a feature called "NAT Traversal", that can get you some remote connections, but its not near as good as an open listening port.

If my memory serves me, the most recent version to support it was version 1.02. You can look up at wiki.bitcomet.com, where I edited the history of NAT Traversal, and which versions support it.

You can download all versions of bitcomet from our archhives at bitcomet.com.

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I have Windows Xp Pro sp 3....BitComet 1.16.....Windows Firewall...AVG Anti-Virus Pro...Use a Sprint Wireless Sierra Broadband card modem...and I don't really know what a router is...sorry....so I guess I do not use one. Forgive my ignorance and my inattention to details in providing the necessary info. I promise I will do better in the future! Thank you.

I've posted your PM here, so that all our staff can use the info. Please keep it on the forum so that everybody can learn, unless there is some personal or sensitive data you're posting. In which case we'll ask you to use PM anyway.

I've looked up on the Internet your wireless card (alas I don't have the exact model) and, anyway, you seem to have a cellular network modem card (seemingly CDMA - EVDO). As Suspect has told you, it is my knowledge too, that most cellular network providers offer by default firewalled inbound connections. That's done in the ISP's routers, so, I guess there is not much you can do. Unless you contact them and they provide you with a solution.

You cant try the solution Suspect suggested to you, you may get increased speeds, though not as high as with an open port.

If you plan on keeping this ISP, maybe Usenet is a option worth considering, as it doesn't need an open port in order to download at high speeds.

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