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Downloading Files Other Than Torrents Instantly Routed To Bitcomet


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Since downloading Bitcomet all files I download are routed to the Bitcomet program. I only want to download Torrent files with Bitcomet. How do I change my settings so that per se RAR or mp3 file from Rapid Share is downloaded without Bitcomet? Thanks in advance for your attention to this question.

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This issue was avoidable during the setup of BitComet. When you install software, you should pay attention to the options you are given in the setup process. It's a good idea to ALWAYS select "advanced" or "custom" setup instead of the default or "usual", or "express" setup -- even if you don't change a thing, accepting the default options at every stage, you'll at least know what is being affected. You had the option to have BitComet handle, or not handle other downloads. You took the default option, which is "yes".

As Wiz says, you can change that in the options of your particular browser, but you need to pay attention to what installers are doing lest you find more 'surprise' changes like this.

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