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1.16 problems (win7 ultimate 32-bit)


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hey, ive been using bitcomet for over a year and a half now, and im happy to say ive never had a problem and ive always been happy, UNTIL now!!!!

1.16 is the worst version of bitcomet, i want to go back to 1.15 because in 1.16 the program just closes without explanation, once i start a torrent after restarting my pc, the computer hangs, then bitcomet crashes, and trust me its not my system, ive just built a Corei5 2.6 ghz, with 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM so its not a hardware problem. is there anyone else having the same problems with 1.16, maybe its just a Win7 problem?

and why do i get displayed as a leecher??? thats rude, to this day ive uploaded and downloaded at a 1/1 ratio, unfair to be labeled a leecher, i dont like leechers, ha ha

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Indeed, there seems to be a fair share of Win 7 users complaining of various issues.

Go back to v.1.15 and see if you get rid of these problems or not. And let us know.

You should be able to do that without loosing your tasks and everything. But a good idea would be to export them anyway before doing that, just in case.

The "leecher" term is used in a funny, ironical way, for those new members who have less than 4 posts on the forum. :)

It has nothing to do whatsoever with you being a real leecher or with your BT share ratio.

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