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My Uploading speed


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I don't really have problems with bitcomet. I'm just confused about this: Click me

My upload speed shoots up to 726kbps, but I don't know what it's uploading since it's not indicated, and if it's supposed to be abnormal. And even though I'm done downloading, there seems to be an extra 4kbps download rate over there. Would that take up some of my disk space? I'm just curious. I'm just not sure if I should be alarmed.

I'm using Bitcomet 1.16

OS: Windows 7

My settings for DL and UL are as follows:

Global Download Rate: Unlimited

Global Upload Rate: 35 kbps

Global Upload Rate when not downloading: Unlimited

(I have a listen port. Is it necessary to type it down?)

According to speedtest.net, these are my rates:

Download: 1.60 Mbps

Upload: 0.54 Mbps

Ping: 42 ms

Sorry if a query like this was asked before. I've been searching, but I just couldn't find this issue anywhere else. And sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm not sure where to put it. I've been using Bitcomet for a while now, but not knowing about these things kind of disturb me. Thank you for the help in advance.

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When LT Seeding is enabled, BitComet dynamically allocates the unused upload bandwidth to requesting LT Seeding peers and releases it when needed for normal BT traffic.

Even if you leave it on Auto, it usually manages the bandwidth very smooth. But if you're a control freak, you can, as gavin suggested, limit the max upload LT Seeding speed; in that case it won't exceed that value, even if the bandwidth is unused.

The 4KB/s is probably accounting for the overhead (TCP, BT, HTTP, DHT) protocol traffic which BitComet uses in its normal operation.

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