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sign into comet passport?


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hey, just wondering is the server down? i cant sign into my comet passport, and ive got like 200GB, waiting to be downloaded. my wife can sign in but i cant, any help is greatly appreciated.

specs, Win7 32-bit, bitcomet 1.15

signed in fine yesterday but today its not possible, ive tried a bunch of times, but no go.

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Many others have asked the same question. Did anybody read that? Or much of anything else?

I grant we need a better system of announcements, but I'm beginning to doubt you'd read those either.

The servers are down, being moved, and different stuff will go up and down for a while until it all settles out.

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Well... let's se...

Tocomet and comet blogs.

Playcomet and all its games.



Not everyone is a frequent visitor of the forum.

Most people get information about a site in that site.

I tried to login several times in my blog with no success.

The only way to see this announcement would be to come to the forums. But NOT everyone comes to forums.

Those that play, for example, Zero Online, will check the Zero Online page to see why can't they login.

And in all those pages there are no links to this forums. All of them link to tocomet pseudo-forums. So there is no way for them to know anything about this from each of those pages.

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It's good that there aren't any links, because this forum doesn't support those other sites. This is not the all-around support forum for all BitComet-related products. We have no contact with the people who do run those sites. They don't do their announcements here. We don't do ours there.

Sophia, the forum administrator, and Gavin, a programmer who visits occasionally, are the only ones who actually work for BitComet at all. The rest of us are purely volunteers from around the world who donate our time to help people with the BitComet bittorrent client, and to a lesser extent with the CometBird browser.

AtComet? MComet? PlayComet? ToComet? R Not us. Whatever you may have to say about them, good or bad, saying it here is wasting your breath.

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Exactly my point.

It doesn't matter if this site had the announcement, since this site is not related to all these others, the other sites should have had the announcement too.

All those sites share the passport, so if something is going to be done to the passport sever, all sites that use the passport should announce it.

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