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Could BitComet be given a feature to clean up the Archive folder?

I know the files in there don't take up hardly any space, but I remember for ages I didn't know of its existence till I stumbled on it and found loads of files inside for old torrents. If someone downloaded loads and loads it could start building up. Many users including myself like to have their computer clean from unneeded stuff so maybe this feature would have benefits.

Possibly a simple button to clean it, or maybe even a setting that would clean them up after completion or so long after completion.

Thanks for reading.

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At the present time, you still have means to keep it clean.

When you remove a task, choose "Also remove from Torrent Archive". That will remove the torrent from the archive folder, as well.

As for older torrents, which do not exist anymore as tasks in the Task View pane, you can go to the Torrent Archive category, select all the torrents which you want gone, right-click on them and choose: "Remove".

Be warned, though, that if you remove from Torrent Archive a torrent which still exists as a task in BitComet, it will be recreated in the Archive folder the next time you start BitComet. So, you can remove only the torrents which don't exist as tasks anymore in BC (and of course, which you didn't choose to remove them from archive, upon deleting the task).

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If the problem is that you have many, many torrents in the folder, and you don't want to keep any of them, then it's simpler to delete the files themselves with Windows Explorer. Just wipe the whole directory. If you want to pick and choose, though, then you must do it programatically through BC.

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Although the disk space is minimal, so many files do something worse: enlarge the MFT.

The bigger the MFT is, the more chances it has to be fragmented.

But I also like to have them around for some time, so I don't download the same torrent several times.

A checkbox to disable it it's fine for those that don't want it altogether. But I think it would be even better if we could schedule their deletion after some time.

Something like: "Delete from the archive torrents older than X days"

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That's already so easy to do yourself, that it's probably better to keep the programmers' attention on bigger problems.

Just set Explorer into Details view, make sure you can see the "Date Modified" column, click on the label to sort by it, click again to inverse-sort it "oldest to newest", and just select those that are too old, then delete them.

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