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v.1.16 - loading problem and freezes


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I've started using the 1.16 version not long ago, and the following problems appeared quite quickly:

1. I need to start (click the exe) 2-3 times before the interface appears on screen although the process does appear in the task manger after the first try. Sometimes the task manger shows 2-3 instances of the process where only the latest instance shows to use enough RAM.

2. After 15-30 minutes of continuous downloading, Bitcomet freezes and announces (by a message box) that it stopped functioning. Clicking "yes", "no" or the "cancel" button doesn't do a thing. Trying to kill the process in the task manger is impossible. Internet browsers are either frozen, too or do not connect anymore. The PC has to be always restarted manually.

Background: the 1.16 version was installed over an earlier version of Bitcomet. No clean install.

PC: P4 CPU 3.2GHz

Memory: 2GB

Mainboard: MIS MS-7176

OS: Win XP SP3.

Antivirus: Avast 4.8

Firewall: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 9.1 (Bitcomet is fully forwarded)

Internet Connection: ADSL via router (never caused any problems)

Browser: firefox

Your thoughts, please.


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My first suggestion is that you remove, and completely uninstall ZoneAlarm, then burn the disk, box and manual and scatter the ashes in four separate quarters of the city. I have had horrendous experience with ZA and discommend it for any/all purposes. You can easily find free software that does the same functions and is far, far better behaved. ZA does not work and play well with others, and with that ... thing ... sitting in the middle, you can't be sure of any other results.

Multiple instances of BitComet should not be possible and should not act this way. Each new instance of BitComet is trying to register for the same listen port (because they all use the same parameter file), so a properly functioning Winsock should be telling all subsequent copies that the listen port is in use, whereupon each of those other copies should halt with an error message to you saying that it cannot reserve the listen port.

That this isn't happening tells me ZA is in there screwing things up with your Winsock. It is infamous for not quitting just because you turned it off. Exorcise this evil from your system, verily, verily I say unto thee.

There may be other issues, but let's get rid of that one first.

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First, thank you for your speedy reply.

I've been using ZA for many years now on several PCs and under various windows OS . It has hardly ever given me trouble. True, it takes ages to load but proved to be invaluable. People are quick to blame ZA for all of their problems. I see no reason to... but that's just my experience. Anyways, the current security suite was installed some weeks ago, so I followed your advice and uninstalled it. I installed the latest free version of ZA instead.

I tried uTorrent and Bittorrent and both work fine. BitComet... crushed after 10 minutes (showed 3 instances). I uninstalled BitComet, deleted all of its folders etc.. cleaned the registry.

Installed 1.16 afresh and...what do you know, no problems. So, logically something went wrong with the previous, update installation.

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I've been using ZA for many years now on several PCs and under various windows OS .

The problem is not that ZA automatically has to and will screw up things for any of its users.

But when it does (and trust me, if you search the Internet you'll find lots of cases) it's been found to be, virtually, impossible to diagnose the problem while it's still installed (not necessarily enabled). The thing just won't quit.

That is why we (and not us, only) simply cannot provide assistance in the cases when users cling to their ZA firewall.

Now, I'm glad that you managed to solve your issue without further pain.

... so I followed your advice and uninstalled it. I installed the latest free version of ZA instead.

He, he... that's a funny way to put in practice the advice kluelos gave you. It's like trading the devil with... his brother. :D

But as I said, it's good that this works for you.

...It has hardly ever given me trouble.

That's hardly a criterion for choosing a firewall. It doesn't mean that it also does its job as it's supposed to.

If you're curious to see where your beloved firewall stands, in the firewall hierarchy, you can see for yourself on sites which make a living out of testing and comparing such applications. Like this one: www.matousec.com.

Of course, it's still a, relatively, free world out there and you can choose to stick further with what you have. ;)

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Thanks once more!

I guess bad habits do die hard. ZA has been around for a long time and for free when there were very few other alternatives. I guess, it grew on me and I turned a blind eye to it obvious faults.

I'll look into the link you've provided and I'll replace ZA with some better software; any favorites?

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I myself, use Comodo. I've been using it for a couple of years, now, and I'm very pleased with it; it's pretty light and has a small memory footprint. Like most other top security suites, it comes bundled with an IDS and a HIPS component, too.

As you said, I got used with it too, so, I might be a little biased.

I guess the secret is to choose an application from the winning platoon and only then to stick with it. :P

So, if you're keen on using an outbound firewall, I guess that any of the free apps from TOP 5 will do.

You'll just have to try them and see which you like more.

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Most people don't need and probably should not be using a third-party firewall at all. The firmware firewall in your router is excellent, it can't fail to start, it can't be subverted or disabled by other software, it doesn't use any of your computer's resources while operating.

If you know and understand exactly what your firewall is doing (and why), then you probably also don't need anyone else's advice about it. Most 3rd-party firewalls that watch outbound traffic, also leave all of the decisions about blocking that traffic or not, up to the LEAST qualified person involved -- you.

"BLGGTZPK.EXE wants to access the internet. Allow?"

Long odds you have no idea what BLGGTZPK.EXE is or does. You likely got sick of these incomprehensible questions from your firewall long ago, and have gotten in the habit of just telling it "yes". If malware gets through, well, you're the one who allowed it, so it's your fault.

What you should do, of course, is to stop what you're doing and research BLGGTZPK.EXS, in order to fine out what it is and whether you ought to allow it access. But you were in the middle of doing something ELSE that you need to continue doing.

Is letting this thing run necessary for you to continue doing what you were doing?

Is it even relevant?

Is it just a silly interruption that could have been dealt with when you're done with what you're doing now?

Is it dangerous?

Is it probably dangerous?

Is it probably safe?

Is it signed by somebody you trust? A known malicious program?

Your firewall is absolutely silent about any of these things. It's all on you.

The firewall will train you to ignore it by doing things like this to you. So unless you're at a point where you don't need any of this information and wouldn't have asked in the first place, you are better off without any third-party firewalls. Stick with the windows built-in (which BitComet can configure automatically for you via ICF), and the one in your router.

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