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Good Dl rate but...


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Instead of very good Dl rates (200-300kb per torrent)it looks like that only a few kb reaches my Harddisk.

I.e. by this rate above, i stuck on a file of 4Gb since 4 days and only 11% complete. There ´re enough seeder/ got enough HD-space etc. What´s wrong? thx Mav

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Bitcomet shows a downloadspeed of 200kb( average of 110kb) at this specific torrent but after 4 days of downloading i got only 11% complete. Thats not the only torrent one that behaves that way. The most small ones(500mb-1gb) are down in 4-5 hours.

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so, in the average download=100kb/ upload=80kb. this torrent is now by 20% after 5 days downloading. Meanwhile i download a few movies as well as i dl a game with 500mb in a half day...

a 16000 dsl connection/ 5 MB+

my BC environment:

5000 dl

250 upl

listen is forwarded

3 tasks per dl

3 tasks per up

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You'll have to read again my previous post, since you didn't pay very much attention to it.

I was asking you there about the size values reported on the Summary tab (the total ones which are found in parenthesis) not about the speed.

That's what I need you to provide, along with the current progress percentage and current share ratio. Unless you were meaning that "5000 dl, 250 upl" is the answer to that (I don't really know what that stands for in your post since there is no measuring unit appended to them).

Or even better, post a screenshot of BitComet here (with the Summary tab selected and your task visible in the Task List window) so that we can see all the info needed.

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OK, first I'll be a little off-topic: The easiest way to take and post a screenshot is to use the PrintScreen key on your keyboard (you might need to hold down the Shift or Fn key to access that, depending on how your keyboard looks).

It makes a copy of your desktop into the Windows clipboard, which then you can paste in any decent image editor (which pretty much rules out M$ Paint ;) ). If you hold down the Alt key, you'll even take a screenshot of only the active window.

After pasting the image in an image editor, save it in a compressed Web format such as JPEG or PNG which will greatly reduce the size of your image (as you can check your 1.2MB GIF has been resized and re-compressed down to only 71KB).

By using this method you get images of a quality identical with the original screen, of a far smaller size and you don't have to go through the whole ordeal of photographing your display and downloading the image on your computer.

Now, back at your problem.

As I feared, your screenshot shows that your client has been downloading HUGE amounts of rubbish data. As you can see you've downloaded about 32GB of data for a torrent which has only 4.4GB. For an explanation of what rubbish data is and some possible solutions read this Wiki FAQ topic.

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