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Hello, did you try to retrive your account password? Because of the server moving, they are not stable as before, but most users account are normal, our staff are trying to find the problem and make all things get back to normal asap.

But please remember login failure will not affect your normal download and upload. Please read more at our wiki.

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Neah, kluelos, I don't think there is very much hope for that.

They'd have to actually understand the fine irony in your previous messages.

But then again this requires that not only had they gone to school but also paid some attention to the grammar and logic classes.

All that requires brain activity... which hurts like h*ll. :D

Instead they're like babies... when something is wrong they're crying. And you have to figure out by yourself why is that happening.

If, God forbid, you fail to do that... you're a bad, bad mod... :D

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