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I had a malware problem and downloaded a prog called malwarebytes.I managed to get rid of 145 files and according to all the information this virus can stop you accessing other antiviru sites.So why if the infected files have gone, cant i get to any sites that mention antivirus,and i cant even get on to malawarebytes forum to ask them if they know what is going on.

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Do you know exactly which virus you had (the name)?

How did you know that you had this particular virus? That is, which antivirus program alerted you to its presence? Could your own antivirus not get rid of it/put it in quarantine?

Are you sure that within the files that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware detected (and you, I assume, deleted), were the ones infected by this particular virus? Did you deep scan again, with your antivirus, after deleting the suppossedly-infected files?

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We are not, properly, malware experts. Well, I question whether the guys at Malwarebytes are either, but we don't hold ourselves out as such.

You need somebody who is. Your infection might be a very simple one, easily cleaned up, or it might be a very nasty one that will take an expert a week to clean out completely. The worst thing you can do is try to follow the advice of a half-dozen different people. Choose one site, such as majorgeeks, and follow the advice of one person. If you haven't backed up your system, don't try to do it now, you'll probably just infect the backup.

MAMB used to be pretty good, but it was useless/helpless in the face of recent malware, and they seem to have lost the plot.

Do not connect removable drives/memory sticks to your system until you get this resolved. You don't want to spread this around.

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