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is it true that bitcomet is being banned by private trackers??

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hi good morning administrator,,,

i came to know so many times from websites and some of my frens that bitcomet is being banned by some private trackers,,is that true???i know its banned around 2005,,but i think its not going like that now???whats the present situation???what can we do now to avoid this if its still going on like this now???

thank u,,wish u very happy NEW YEAR 2010,,,

i wish all much more success to bitcomet and cometbird in 2010,,

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There may still be some narrow-headed tracker admins which ban BitComet but most of the private trackers which have anything to say about BitComet ban only older versions.

So, if you use a recent version you should be fine.

However, if you still stumble upon a site which bans BitComet altogether, it means that its admin either doesn't really know his BitTorrent clients either he is personally biased on this matter. I would stay away from anyone who forces me to use this or that piece of software.

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When you do get an answer at all, it's usually based on something that is simply not true. Admins who are amenable to reason can be talked to about this, shown that it is not true and that the ban is unjustified. We have gotten many of them reversed, and sometimes they even ask us about the rumors before deciding whether or not to ban the client.

A network engineer (who used to be an admin at the old forum) published a white paper demonstrating this. Admins who continue to ban BitComet are so out of touch that they haven't read the paper, or are not qualified to understand it, or so biased that they refuse to discuss the issue.

People who are this unreasonable make very undesirable site administrators, and they aren't someone you want to entrust with your private information.

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