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Bitcomet slowing down my computer. Help please!

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Hello everybody! :)

Well, I registered to try to understand why bitcomet slows down my computer.

I don't mean it slows down my internet browsing, it slows down the whole system. I can't listen to music or watch some video - be it online or not, be it using WMP or any other player - while bitcomet is openned because they play with constant glitches. And this doesn't apply only to video or music, even my mouse becomes slow sometimes! If I close bitcomet, generally, the computer returns to its normal performance. Not always.

Also, more than once I've had to reset the system because it was too slow to do anything, including to finish bitcomet.exe process.

Perhaps the most strange thing about this is that CPU usage doesn't go beyond 30% and memory usage is around 50%, even when everything is slow.

Browsing through other forums, I found that some people were having similar problems, apparently related to bitcomet, but didn't find a solution.

I'm using Windows 7 64bit with 2gb of RAM, an AMD Phenom x3 8450 (2.1) processor, Bitcomet 1.16. ADSL connection. Modem Thomson TG508, didn't forward anything. COMODO Firewall and Kaspersky Antivirus.

Any help'd be much appreciated.



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First of all try a clean reinstall of BitComet (uninstall it and then wipe clean the BitComet folders in \Program Files and in Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\ folders, in case anything is still left there. Then reinstall. You might want to backup first the downloads.xml file and the \Torrents folder, in case you intend to restore the currently running tasks later).

After reinstalling add some new tasks and run it for a while (up to a few days) to see if this comes back. If it doesn't you can restore the old tasklist and torrents, if you wish.

If it doesn't solve the problem then try uninstalling Kaspersky and see if that makes any change.

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