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may i know which is da correct download spped

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hi good evening ,,,

may i know which is the correct download speed,,3 different dl speeds r shown in upper left as 14kbps,in floating window as 15kbps,and in next to torrent task as 3kbps,,pls tel me which is the correct one,,thank u

(dont get shocked with my dl speeds,,i am using 144kbps dial up mode,,so 144/8=18kbps my max dl speed,,but i get 20-30kbps dl speed with bitcomet,,avg 17kbps,,but when i tested with utorrent i am getting only 6-7kbps on avg and max 12kbps dl speed)


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The 14kB/s on the title bar of bitcomet is your Gross download. This includes all tasks, as well as overhead, such as communication with trackers, peers, LTseeds and bitcomet services.

With such a low bandwidth connection, I strongly recommend you disable any of this you don't need. I would disable all the services, dht, peer exchange, logging into bitcomet passport. These features can help you to download faster, but you will already get as much as you can handle using only bittorrent peers, and using bandwidth to record your stats, look of mirror locations, and other services are really pointless to you.

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thanks for ur explanation and suggestions,,i saw u in p2p forums

Edit - hey ur really amazing,,,i followed ur suggestions,,n u know i got very quick good dl speeds,,thanks a lot,,nobody told this trick to me,,thank u man,,,

what upload rate would u suggest me to follow as per my net connection,,pls reply,,thank u

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This would depend on your ability to upload. I know dial-up service speed limits used to be a combined limit, of both up and down, but honestly I haven't tried to use a dial-up connection in over ten years, so I'm not sure how its determined now. However, usually you want to use 80% of your available upload to send data, leaving 20% for overhead, so your communications are quick. However if your upload tests faster because its testing your total bandwidth, that throws all the calculations out the window. So, if your sure your total upload and download combined is the limit you speak of, then you might want to try 40%, but if you do have separate upload and download like 99% of us, then you want 80%. Remember, the more you upload, the more download you will get, but if your upload is all used sending data, then your peer communications will be so slow that by the time you reply to one, that peers offer to trade would be long expired, causing you to only waste more bandwidth negotiating deals you can never complete. The bottom line is, you need to workout what works best for your connection, these are only guidelines for a place to start.

I hope this helps.

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