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bitcomet v1.16 video snap shot errors

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i'm getting a lot of "video snapshot" error message when i download realmedia file ,the error pops up right just the file finished download

some it popup so freaking many times after leaving overnight ,then i have to press ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ....

have any way to disable this function ?

here a screen shot of it , pop up just i was typing

just remind me those frequent lost focus when i was playing online games

suddently cant control in game ,have to use mouse reclick the game to continue

made my game character dead .

lost focus occur every time a file finished ,even there is no errors message popup

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There's an option to send a video snapshot when a download is finished. It's settable only generally, not for particular tasks or filetypes: it's either on for everything, or off for everything. You'll have to decide which is the bigger annoyance, this or not having them for any files. If the former, just uncheck this.

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If you are using V1.17. Uncheck the tickbox in Options->Service: send video file snapshots after downloading finished. See if the problem appear again.

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