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Port Forwarding Doesn't Help Speeds


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My download speed is 70-90 kilobytes/s, and I want to increase this. I've been able to port-forward BitComet to port 65000. BitComet has the green light, port checkers say it's open. That's all good. But even though it's forwarded, my speeds don't seem to increase (except for my uploading speeds). Here are my specifications:


Verizon Online Basic at 768 kilobits/s download and 160 kilobit/s upload (although the modem page tells me my download speed's at 864 kilobits/s)

Westell 6100

Linksys WRT54G (connected through Ethernet)

BitComet 1.17

I've been on Google a lot recently and apparently I'm connecting through a Double Nat. I have tried switching my Westell to Bridge mode, but everytime I do, my Internet is killed and I have to switch back to router mode for my Internet to work again. I've collected that a Double Nat does not help me torrent.

I like to download games and things like that, so I'm downloading a 3 gig game, and it's going at 70-90 kilobytes/s, which is roughly what I should be getting. I'm also uploading at 5-10 kilobytes/s, which is also what I should be getting. But I don't want to be going that slowly! I want to go faster. If I stay at 70-90 kilobytes/s, it's going to need at least 10 hours to finish. The bottom line is, my download speeds are no different when BitComet is port-forwarded, and I want them to get faster.

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Port forwarding is, in layman's terms, like listing your phone number which was secret before. Now others may call your office too, instead of you making all the calls (which is virtually impossible if you have to call a huge number of persons in a very short time).

It opens the possibility of getting maximum speeds.

But it doesn't take cash out of a magic pocket to buy you more bandwidth.

You are already getting maximum speeds for your connection parameters.

768Kb = 768 x 103/213 = 93.75KB. That is the maximum theoretical speed of your connection, right now.

BitComet, as many other applications, measures speed in KB (kilobytes) while your connection parameters are given in Kb (kilobits).

So, if you want higher speeds buy more bandwidth.

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