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installation problem

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Same here.. I pick English and then ....nothing.

Mrwirez, also please read the top greywizard suggest.

Or please provide more information such as you operation system. UAC status and account privilege, how did you install BitComet (double-click or run as admin or different user from right-click cotext menu)? What version are you trying to install, etc. And screenshot is better for us to know your problem and help you out.

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Hi, Rahul,

  • Don't jump into the middle of someone else's thread like this, it's rude.
  • Especially don't do that with a completely unrelated issue. Start your own topic.
  • Don't post your email online like this, as it will be harvested and you will become a bigger spam target.
  • Don't ask for private replies, you won't get them (as we said), because then they can't help anyone else with the same problem to search for solutions (as you should have done).
  • Don't ask for help without providing the minimum required information, which you are told about when you read the things you should have read, like the sticky topic marked READ BEFORE POSTING.

But other than that...

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Ok, I am running windows 7 with BC 1.15 installed. My UAC is on, but I have it set to just inform me a program is trying to install and grant it permission. I grant permission, and BC 1.18 starts to install. The install process gets to the language selection part and then it just vanishes.. I could probably uninstall BC and start over, but it is a pain, because I strip everything out. BC 1.15 works fine., I will wait for the next version.. On a separate note.. can the creators of Bitcomet make a version that completely hides IP addresses?

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You are having an installation problem which has nothing to do with any particular version. Check the thread that GreyWizard referred you to, where these issues are discussed.

IP addresses are the foundation of internet communication. If you hide yours, communication stops.

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