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I dont have a router and I run wireless.

You might not own a router but the wireless device to which you're connecting is most certainly a router.

If you can access it configure it following the guides sophia gave you; if not live with it.

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Just about all wireless access points have built-in firewalls. It is the firewall, chiefly, that is the concern. The reason we worry about routers is that they usually, nearly always, contain firewalls.

That it's wireless, doesn't really matter as such. Router, likewise doesn't matter as such. Firewall? That matters a lot. So when we all talk about routers and their configuration, we are chiefly talking about configuring their built-in firewalls. Just so you know that.

If you are behind a firewall which you don't control, then there is likely nothing you can do, on that connection, to open your listen port and you will have to operate in "no-listen-port" mode. That will probably be much slower than your connection otherwise could be.

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