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Mov files, no sound


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I have tried everything to get sound working on MOV files from my Canon Powershot. A couple of times it worked for a couple of minutes but then gone again. I have tried loading older versions as well as the latest. I have tried loading it with/without the Quicktime driver when installing. I used regedit to completely clear everything before installing different versions.

These are the audio specs.

Any help would be appreciated.


Format : PCM

Format settings, Endianness : Little

Format settings, Sign : Signed

Codec ID : sowt

Duration : 1mn 34s

Bit rate mode : Constant

Bit rate : 1 411.2 Kbps

Channel(s) : 2 channels

Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz

Resolution : 16 bits

Stream size : 15.9 MiB (6%)

Encoded date : UTC 2010-01-20 20:57:09

Tagged date : UTC 2010-01-20 20:57:09

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Have you tried QuickTimeAlternative? If that works we can clear out system and codec issues.

I am pretty surprised to see that it's using PCM instead of AAC encoding for audio, which is what Apple uses for everything including, by default, Quicktime. I wonder if using PCM instead is supported anywhere? You should probably ask somebody who knows more about this than I do, but that seems really odd to me. OTOH, maybe that's the whole problem?

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I got it. They were all disabled. I was about to pull my hair out on this one. I can't imagine why they were disabled, when I loaded MPCStar it said RM and QT codecs installed.

Now my next mission is to find something good and easy to convert these files to a format that will play on my PopcornHour and Mvix Ultio. I'm dissapointed that neither will play them.

Thank You So Much

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  • 2 months later...

How come mine one still didn't have sound?

Please advise... Thanks :)

Below is my ffdshow audio decoder configuration:

MP1,MP2 - libmad

AC3 - liba52

E-AC3 - disabled

MLP - disabled

DTS - libdts

AAC - libfaad2

Vorbis - Termor

AMR - libavcodec

LPCM - enabled

WMA 7 - disabled

WMA 8/9 - disabled

MS ADPCM - libavcodec

IMA ADPCM - libavcodec

Other ADPCM - libavcodec

Mulaw/Alaw - disabled

MS GSM - disabled

FLAC - disabled

True Audio - libavcodec

TrueSpeech - disabled

QDM2 - disabled

MACE3,MACE6 - disabled

Real Audio - disabled

IMC - disabled

ATRAC3 - disabled

Nellymoser - disabled

AVIS - disabled

Uncompressed - disabled

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horng, why don't you make a new topic, and start all over again. Pretend that nobody knows what you're talking about unless you mention it. Because, basically, we don't, and it's ridiculous to try to pull it out of you bit by little bit. Explain carefully, and in necessary detail, what your problem is.

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Sorry about annoying...

Before that I'm using old version Mpc Star to play RMVB movie. One day when I on my pc and watching movie suddenly the Mpc Star didn't have sound while I playing movie. I had try using RealOne Player to play other format and it works fine with sound. So I uninstall the old version and try install the lastest version and then restart pc but the problem still persist.

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