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Direct seed?

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Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to seed directly to a person, and if possible, how?

If I was not specific:

My friend is downloading the same torrent that I have already downloaded, but his IP doesn't appear in the peers list.

So I want to know if I can seed only to him.


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You can sorta do this, and it will sorta work. Neither of you will be happy with the results.

That's basically a transfer from one person to another, and not peer-to-peer, which is what Bittorrent was designed for. At single file transfers, it sux. It wasn't designed for that, we already have many protocols for that and did not need another one. Bittorrent is designed for the internet, where there are many many peers.

You are both much better off not to try to make bittorrent do this. It will fight you at every step. Why don't you just send the thing to him directly?

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You cannot seed "only to him". You can add him in the peerlist as sophia has explained to you and hope he won't get choked or disconnected (as kluelos implied).

For it to work the way you want you would need to create another torrent and upload it on some tracker with some obscure name which won't interest anybody in particular (hopefully) and then give your friend the name of the torrent so only he could download it. Or even better, just create a Magnet Link for the new created torrent and send it to your friend and then wait until his client finds your through DHT.

But then again my question is the same as the one kluelos asked: Why would you want to go through all this trouble just to send him a file which you could send by FTP or any other easier protocol?

Besides he's bound to get better download rates in a healthy BitTorrent swarm then he would get from you alone (excepting the case when you have an insanely fast upload link).

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