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change dead http link ?

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can i change http link. i mean if m downloading from http link like mediafire as free user.when i resume it after some hours the link goes dead. i want to ask that can i change the new generated http link for file and resume download from its last progress i.e. 50% or any like this. when i try to change url its starts downloading from begining. sorry for bad english.

for example you can try Internet Download Manager.

when a link goes dead its ask to regenerate and replace old link to new one. and finnaly starts download from last progress.

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I can't reproduce your problem.

I've used the link you gave me and started a download. When it reached about 9% I've stopped it.

I've restarted it 2 hours later. Stopped it again. Restarted it 6 hours later. Stopped again. Restarted 9 hours later.

Every time it picked up where it had left and goes on with the download.

When you right-click on the task, you can see on the properties page "Resume supported". As I said, if that's supported by the server you shouldn't have problems. I'm not sure what goes wrong to you.

What OS do you have? What version of client?

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let me tell you clearly what i want.

see if i starts downloading from my own webserver. for example a movie from my own webhosting server. it link is


or like this. it pause resume support but if i pause download at any % and other hand i move file directory on my web. i.e


now my http link for this file has been changed. now when i resume old download. it errors that file not found or like this. now i want to change old http link to new link and resume download from my last pause % progress.

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This is a situation which is not very likely to occur often (changing the location of the files on server while you're downloading).

Therefore I'm still not clear what was your issue. If you do encounter sites which dynamically change the HTTP link every time after a while, when re-connected, you certainly failed to provide me with such a link (as I requested) so that I can test it.

Anyways have you tried putting your new HTTP link in the Mirrors section of the Properties page?

It should be picked up automatically.

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