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torrent download failed


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I need some help with this error. I read in another topic where you can copy and paste the name of the torrent into notepad and can check to see if the torrent name is bad. I have done that on quite a few torrents and I don't see anything bad. I get this error on anything I try to download. I am using bitcomet 1.18 and firefox is my browser with the firefox plugin. I tried dling it with bitcomet and saving it to my desktop and draging it, but neither works and give me the same error. Can someone help? Oh yeah, and I'm running this all on windows 7 64 bit.

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You're not making any sense. At all.

Try, for a moment, and imagine that we do not know anything about your problem.

Or about what error you receive.

Or about what actions and steps you take which lead you to that.


After that try and explain your issue again.

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Wow, ok,

first I click on bitcomet icon on my pc.

Then I click on a torrent site link, for instance torrent bar.

It opens in firefox.

Then I look up a torrent, rosetta stone for this example.

I click one of the many links to a rosetta stone torrent, usually closer to the top.

then I click the green download button.

Then I click the blue sever 1 download button.

A popup comes up and ask me to save it or use bitcomet to open.

I click on use bitcomet to open.

bitcomet pops up and has a smaller popup with it saying downloading, please wait.

After a few seconds, I get the error, failed to download torrent.

This happens just like this for all torrents I try to download and at all of the torrent site links.

Now can you help me???

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I think you misunderstood what you read in that other thread.

Instead of opening the .torrent directly into BitComet (a practice we discourage), save it to disk first, somewhere in a known location (like C:\Downloads\Torrents) and open it from there. (Always save your torrents to disk there, maybe move them to something like C:\Downloads\Torrents\Completed and leave them there until you are completely certain that you will not need that .torrent file again.)

Now, open a .torrent file itself in notepad. Do this for a few known-good torrents, look them over to get an idea of what they are supposed to look like. Or go to the developers section at bittorrent.org if you're curious about what all that means. You don't have to understand the details unless you want to, just get the general idea of what a .torrent looks like.

Now, when you get a bad one, try looking at IT this way. If it's really a bad .torrent then it probably won't look anything like it ought to. I've even seen text error messagess from the database in bad ones.

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i too have this problem "torrent download failed". when starting of m windows, it asks for updating my bit comet software. i try to update that. but it fails due to some reasons. after some moments all the exe files in the desktop got corrupted and it cant opening at all. while i try to open any files in desktop. the following message occurs "torrent download failed. try to download the torrent again". i have attached my error message, while opening on Bitcomet. Can someone help? post-59594-12909311577889.png

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I'm sorry but your post is pretty much useless.

i too have this problem "torrent download failed"

This is not a problem but an error message. Which application displays this error message for you?

it asks for updating my bit comet software

Who does?

after some moments all the exe files in the desktop got corrupted and it cant opening at all

What do you mean by that? And who corrupts them? How is that related to BitComet?

the following message occurs "torrent download failed. try to download the torrent again"

Actually, the message in your screenshot says: "Torrent file decoding failed." It doesn't say anything about downloading. In order for BitComet to decode a .torrent file, it has to be already downloaded. Your description isn't consistent even with the images you yourself provide.

So, perhaps you can see how your post doesn't make any sense for most of us.


1. We know neither your current BitComet version nor your OS'.

2. The file extensions are hidden in your Windows copy, therefore we can't even check if those files in the screenshot are .torrent files, BitComet unfinished downloaded files or files that were wrongly associated with BitComet, either by you or by some error.

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Multiple puzzles aside, the "torrent file decoding failed" message indicates that what the index site sent to you was not in the correct .torrent file format -- which is why I suggested, back there, that you SAVE IT TO DISK and then OPEN IT WITH NOTEPAD to look at what you're getting.

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Hello there KlearMyst. Why don't you contact me at my email address and we get this problem resolved. I hope i can be of some help. As there would be lots of questions to ask so my forum post quota wont be sufficient to guide you. Waiting for reply.


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