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avast and bit comet


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I need help with adding avast antivirus as bitcomet does not reconize I have the latest free edition 5.0.396 and xp (sp3) I don't know how are what to put in the fields to manually have bit comet to work together parmameters paths and all that is greek to me :blink:


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thanks for posting so quickly Iread all the stickys and did a search but some how missed that post Im so confused and I just feel like giving up I Love p2p and believe bit comet is great I understand somewhat and I may try to figure all this out I just spent over 3 hrs reading different post and I don't think I know any more than I did when I started I get side tracked easily I don't know if avast is gonna work now with bit comet or not Im'downloading now and at 99.3 percent anyways I waited a few days for I got back to the forums cause I thought it would be awhile Im at my witts end with false positves viruses trogans worms...ect this latest avast update reported a virus in micrsft

works thats been on my pc since 2004 before I even bought the pc which I purchased new!!! Ive got an win32trogan in a setup exe. file but can still play the game all these are in my chest(virus)winsock dll files that were some kind a virus now they are not!! a win32alueron from bigfish guarnteed no spyware addware virus free that Ive had since jan 22 is still infested but assured by tech support its a false positive download just finished I don't think avast did any thing it doesn't matter though I can open the directory and scanit but Im even more confused I tried with another game that was downloaded a while back and it tested 1270 files 0 folders amount of data tested 228.38mb but what I downloaded is 111mb no viruses though!!I am gonna unhide my exts for better or for worse I don't even know if you want to answer any of these or send me some where else its killing me ive partied to hard to long and now paying the consequences

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Wow! :wacko: I've got a terrible headache after reading your post, right now. <_<

Haven't you heard of punctuation and paragraphs?

They're still an integrating part of the current orthography, you know?

Besides, I feel very frustrated that after fighting my way towards the end of your post, I still didn't find a single phrase stating exactly what your problem is or what you wanted from us.

From what I can gather, you seem pissed off about some virus infection you have on your PC. If that's the case, you're kind of in the wrong forum here, because this is a BitComet/BitTorrent related forum.

However, I don't see what prevents you from going to several antivirus sites and running their online scanners (Kaspersky, Panda, Eset, BitDefender etc.) with the setting to delete every infected file they encounter. Do that, at lest twice with everyone of them... until you get no longer any more virus alerts.

Or, if you don't feel up to the task of disinfecting your computer, then just backup any important data you have (but not executable files such as application's kits or games), format your drive and reinstall/restore your OS with a clean slate.

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Wiz is right, and I'm still trying to get my eyes uncrossed. Don't write like that if you expect help.

You seem to think that once you've downloaded a file and loaded it on your disk, that it is now safe from becoming infected. That is not true. Many viruses seek out files on your disk and infect them. That means it's entirely possible for something to infect files that you've had there for years.

this is why you must regularly and routinely perform maintenance on your system at least once a month. you must run a full virus scan with Avast or some other AV program, and also scan with other malware and adware programs like Spybot S&D, and AdAware, plus a rootkit detector. You should also defragment your drive. This should be done every month on a regular schedule.

This isn't a new requirement -- you should have been doing it all along, but since you have not, there is probably a lot of hidden malware on your system. You should get and run the most recent version of CureIt from DrWeb.com This will take quite a long time, especially as it is likely to find a lot of problems. This is the price of neglect, alas.

As for integrating Avast, this is a convenience but is not necessary, provided that you scan each new download manually with Avast's GUI interface, or have told Avast to integrate itself with Windows Explorer and can right-click to choose to scan a file from the menu. You must remember without fail to do this with each new download.

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