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Can not download


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Firstly I apologise if this topic is one you have delt with before but I have been looking for the answer for two hours on various sites and can not find anything. I have read all the start up and how to topics and they do not help.

I have a torrent client - Bitcomet the latest version. My internet connection is wireless with a good connection and speed of 11.0 Mbps. I am unsure how to forward my 'Port'? My secutrity software is McAfee new this year. My OS is windows XP.

So the problem is, I have recenly downloaded Bitcomet (again) this is the only torrent client on my system. This is downloaded without incident, then I come to find a torrent to download and it goes through the usual windows, download then what is being downloaded, where to save etc, I click download and Bitcomet shows the file active in the window and it looks like there is no problem, only there is nothing being down or up loaded?

I have run out of ways to try and sort this out so please help?

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May we see a screenshot of the "Trackers" "Peers" and "Summary" tabs? (Make sure you hide your private information, like your wan ip, listen port, etc, as this is a public forum)

Also, have you read the comments of that torrent?

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When you begin a torrent task, your client contacts the tracker and exchanges information with it, getting the list of peers from the tracker.

Did your client successfully contact the tracker? If not, the trackers tab will contain an error message for each tracker. Those messages will give you an idea of what to do next. If this wasn't successfully done, nothing else can happen. Thus, we need to see a screenshot of your trackers tab, and you need to learn to read and interpret it for yourself, soon.

If that happened successfully, then your client will begin contacting some of the peers on that list. As time goes on and other peers re-scrape the tracker to get their list (which will now include your data) refreshed, some of them will try to contact you. This activity will be shown on your peers tab. We ... ditto, ditto, ditto.

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