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Getting the list of downloaded torrents


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I had to change my OS from Vista Black to Windows7 and this lead me to this problem of losing my download history cause I need some of the torrents that I forgetfully did not save.




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By DOWNLOAD HISTORY I meant those Torrents that I had downloaded earlier using BitComet. And by HAD TO CHANGE OS I was referring to the fact that I changed my Operating System from Vista to Windows 7 :D

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"...torrents that you had downloaded earlier using BitComet..."

There is the .torrent file. You don't download that with BitComet.

There is the contents of the torrent. That, you download with BitCOmet, but it's a movie, or an album or an audiobook.

So do you mean that you want to recover particular .torrent files? Or do you mean just the list of tasks, but you still have the .torrent files themselves? Or Or do you mean the movie/album/audiobook?

If you mean the latter, how did you lose it/them?

You said, "Had to change'. Why did you "have to"? You might want to, but why "have to"?

If you mean that you wiped your disk, then I'm sorry, but every thing is gone and you can't recover it quickly, easily or inexpensively. You'll have to download it all again

But, nobody can figure out quite what you do mean. Perhaps that's not necessary. We can't tell.

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When I asked what do you mean by Download History, just as kluelos pointed out, I meant you should explain which part of the BitComet interface you call Download History.

Where do you see your "download history".

I get the distinct impression that you're not referring to the Torrent History category of the Favorites panel but to the Task List.

You need to go to the BitComet Wiki pages, and familiarize yourself with the names used for all the parts of BitComet's user interface.

After that we'll be speaking the same language.

As for your OS, again you didn't understand my question.

Did you do an "upgrade", a clean install or have you migrated your old Vista to Windows 7?

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