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recently we experienced sever trouble for several days lot of people posted about sign-in difficulties.they concerned solely for scores.so isn't it possible to store upload/score stats internally by bitcomet?

if idea of storing scores internally to hard disk is implied there were lot of benefits like...

1.no need of monitoring network usage of more than 50,000 people, hence reducing server load.

2.scores can be updated more easily like hourly,for some time interval,daily,before closing or after a fresh start(or manually by user)bitcomet should send the final output meance the scores.server can send update request whenever it want (no need of calculating through severs,reducing server load. it can be done by bitcomet)

3.even while updating server need not update all at once assume that developer adopted the idea of updating once in 2 hours,and there 60,000 users online then

server should update first 20000 users stats(sending update request to signed-in clients then updating their scores)for every 2Hrs 2nd 20000 users for every 2Hrs 20minutes and last 20000-30000(or more if more user sign-in less than 30,000) more than that should added to next update cycle)user for every 2 hours 30 minutes.there by reducing server load. even if some user missed it.they will be updated eventually

same/similar rules can be applied to any other case.

4.user can have or see his score progress in real-time or live through bitcomet(user satisfaction :) )

6.sever maintenance won't be much of a problem even if it extended for several days.

7.chances of losing scores is negligible(when computer is reformatted,an error etc; before an successive update)compare to what we experiencing now, and it wont be massive sign-in trouble for thousands of users.trouble will be reduced from thousands of people to every individual(if someone facing sign-in trouble,it will be a fault in his own system)

8.even for some reason if developers wants keep highly server dependent method this idea can be used as backup if something happens like server crash.

this idea can be improved in many ways

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I would be in favor of that little window still showing (calculating locally) the progress bar and just a little text (logged in/not logged in) to inform the user of the current logon status.

Maybe this way the insane number of complaints, whenever the Passport server is inaccessible, would decrease.

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I am sure that somebody could come up with some way to make things harder to hack. This is the entry to a contest that no one has any desire to enter. In the current setup, hacking is not a consideration. Entering into a setup where it IS an issue, requires an overwhelming benefit, something that is worth the enormous hassle of creating and keeping secure. The existing system is, if not perfect, at least not unfair in that it affects everyone equally. I, for one, would much rather see the time and effort that developing a secure system would require, spent on keeping the server up and running in the first place

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i was just researching on this encryption method and i ended up by seeing mechanism of save password option in google chrome. well, i'm not a programmer and i don't know whether it relay helpful or not :unsure: :unsure: .

so what i learned was chrome uses CryptProtectData, which is a Windows API function for encrypting data.i learned that Google uses SQLite as the storage mechanism for passwords and other web page related data then i went toSQLite website and SQLite-wikipedia

I really didn't understand much,all came to know that there is an inbuilt method to save and encrypt data and unlike client-server database management systems, the SQLite engine is not a standalone process with which the application program communicates. Instead, the SQLite library is linked in and thus becomes an integral part of the application program. The library can also be called dynamically. The application program uses SQLite's functionality through simple function calls, which reduces latency in database access as function calls within a single process are more efficient than inter-process communication. The entire database (definitions, tables, indices, and the data itself) is stored as a single cross-platform file on a host machine.

hope some programmer might through some light upon it :)

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