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Recently I bought two PS2 games,in order to keep a fresh copy I tried to create an .iso file but the DVD ROM cannot read these two particular CD.Other CD's don't give me this problem,My question is ARE THESE TWO IN A SPECIAL FORMAT? IF SO HOW CAN I GET AROUND AND CREATE A .ISO? PLEASE SUGGEST !

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...but the DVD ROM cannot read these two particular CD.

What do you exactly mean by that?

PS2 discs use a different file system from the ones used on the regular optical discs (ISO9660/Joliet, UDF etc.) called PSF. Hence, it is not readable by the Windows/Explorer disc file-system access routines. Nevertheless, most major disc burning applications have the possibility to read/write discs in "raw" mode or special "game" modes which will actually make a 1:1 copy of the disc at sector level. Others may even understand the file system and read it like any other disc.

However, those copies alone, even if made right, won't let you play the games, since PS2 consoles use supplementary protection measures (such as codes imprinted on the physical media disc at pressing time, which the console BIOS reads at boot time in order to start the game).

Therefore, if you bought the discs and you know you have the right to make backup copies (which in my personal opinion should be a granted right everywhere in this world) you might want to check the Playstation dedicated forums and sites, for detailed information on both backing up and using those back-ups in a successful way.

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