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BitComet Beta [20100318] has released


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Dear all, BitComet Beta version has released last night, it is Based on the stable version v1.19, the Beta version contains new features and bug fixes, but may not be stable. You are all welcomed to download and test this version from our official website.

Here is the changelog:


GUI Improved: new command in file menu: "Import Unfinished Download", supports BitComet, uTorrent, Xunlei

GUI Improved: start download from torrent infohash directly in "Open torrent from URL" dialog

GUI Improved: drag & drop task names to rearrange task list(when task list not sorted)

GUI Improved: BT task summary tab: show BT task pieces number; show down/upload speed/size detail info in tooltip when mouse hovers on them

GUI Improved: BT task peer list: new command "Friend Upload Slot" in the context menu, for only one IP at the same time

GUI Improved: BT task tracker list: show seeds, peers, downloaded number returned from tracker

GUI Improved: BT task file list: sort file names in the same order as Windows Explorer(thanks to RadioNoise)

GUI Improved: display snapshots tab in new BT task dialog when open torrent file

GUI Improved: modify the size of BT task properties dialog, compatible with 1024x600 resolution

GUI Improved: for finished BT task, "search for Long-Time Seeds" displayed as "enable Long-Time Seeding", "search for eMule sources" as "enable upload to eMule sources" in task properties dialog

GUI Improved: new global option: maximum number of concurrent seeding BitTorrent tasks

GUI Improved: new global option: Don't use proxy for tracker/peer connections

GUI Improved: new global option: specify separated listen port for Web UI

GUI Improved: supports Occitan language(see lang\HowTo-Translate.txt)

GUI Improved: when using remote desktop, disable highlight the row on which mouse hovers in file list, peer list and tracker list

GUI Improved: improve compatibility of install package with Vista/Win7

GUI Bugfix: tailing space in tracker address leads to connection failure

GUI Bugfix: can't start BitTorrent download when drag&drop a Magnet URI text to floating window

Core Improve: use UTF-8 encoding when making torrent file by default for all language versions of Windows

Core Improve: improve algorithm, reduce CPU usage of DHT modular, avoid GUI blocked

Core Improve: improve algorithm, reduce CPU usage of Long-Time Seeds download modular, avoid GUI blocked

Core Improve: support HTTPS tracker

Core Bugfix: after Scheduler stopped all tasks, the option of "Auto start task when download rate less than specified rate" will still start tasks

Core Bugfix: after BT task stopped, corresponding DHT connections didn't stop totally

Core Bugfix: invalid DHT packet may lead to program crash(thanks to Pierre Noguès)

Core Bugfix: task list backup file from v1.19 can't be imported by itself

If you have any feedback, suggestions or bug report on this version, please reply here.

Thank you for your support.

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Well, actually, when BC says that it exists it should be in the tasklist already.

The message for torrents which have been previously downloaded and deleted afterwards but remained in the History is slightly different, if I recall right.

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My recollection is the same: the message is different, something like, "...you may have downloaded this torrent before..." if it's in the archive. 'Task Exist' indicates that it's in the task list.

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