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VLC crashes or doesnt play peview of unfinished


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Whenever I preview a video file with VLC media player it either opens vlc without a video, or if it does load the video, VLC crashes. I've tried reinstalling vlc, but no success fixing the problem. Even after the file is finished downloading, if I click "Play" in the BITComet UI, no play. Although, I can still open those finished files by other methods. It worked before, but not anymore. I am willing to change bitcomet's preferred media player to MPCStar, But I never saw a way to do that in options. other than the first time you click play or preview i dont know how to associate a new program. Can anyone help me with these problems?

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while we do not support VLC, and they have their own support forum, and while VLC crashes are a separate issue, you should take note that when the player has a problem trying to load and play a file, it will usually say what the problem is. Under the VIEW menu, select MESSAGES. You may need to stop the video and scroll back to the beginning of the window to see what the original problem was.

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thanks yall. i uninstalled vlc and reinstalled it. still had the problem. so i uninstalled bitcomet and reinstalled. th3e problem persisted. so i use mpcstar now. it doesn't crash like vlc but, it has alot ov lag on rips done at a high bitrate and sound seems to never be in sync with video, but it works until the downlaod is finished so im content. Again, thanks y'all. my problem has been solved.

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