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when I clicked the download link the first time in IE or Firefox, the bitcomet started automatically but couldn't create the task dialog box, unless I clicked the same link again.

bitcomet version: 1.18

OS: windows 7

IE: 8.0

Firefox: 3.6.2

I downloaded the latest version and my virus scanner said there was a virus in it and would not proceed with the download, I use cometbird because it is the best

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In addition, whatever software you claim has a virus, if it's one of our products, please provide the following.

Your AntiVirus software brand and version and version of definition files used.

Webpage where the software was being downloaded

The name of the virus detected and a link to the details on your antivirus support page.

If you did get a virus warning from one of our products, you may have been downloading it from an unauthorized website, or your browser could have been redirected by existing malware/spyware on your system, or your antivirus software could have generated a "false-positive", this is usually caused by a bad definition file update from your antivirus software. These definitions are updated sometimes several times a day and mistakes do happen. If they are flagging one of our products as a threat, we will need to contact them so they can fix the problem.


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