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cometbird 3.6.3 ???


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srini, i m here but u r always a step ahead of me cos i was on mobile whn i got the update about the 3.6.3 of FF. now wat date do u set to expect our hard working cb team to release 3.6.3? hahha

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@ srinivasmv419 & xtml: Guys, I would rather you confined this kind of personal opinions/discussions in the Lounge area, which is made exactly for that purpose.

That's why I'm moving this topic from the CometBird section to the Lounge.

I guess, you may think you're talking about CometBird but this really looks more like a game of "I've seen it first!"

While this is harmless, it gets really bothering for the moderators of the forum who have to parse through these posts needlessly.

Therefore, if you want to post about issues or features of the applications, use their respective sections.

But if you just want to express, opinions, impressions or take wild guesses of the release dates of the products or any other stuff which has nothing to do whatsoever with the technical aspect of the application, please, confine those topics to the Lounge area.

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do agree with srini... hello srini happy birthday to me, cos it s today 07th April. happy birthmonth to you cos urs on 19th April. hahaha Khmer new year is from 13-15 April, dont you know?

so cometbird team has only 4 more days to release 3.6.3... haha just kidding - do satisfy with 3.6.2 already.

thanks for advice from the mod. it s in louge :)

regards and thanks srini for letting me know it is moved here :)

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ohhhhhhh frend really missed u ..

y didnt u tell me b4 about your bday.. asuasuasu.gif

anyhow many many many many many many moooooooore happy returns of da day... :D

u r good frend to me always supporting me here.

my Frisko54.gif on your bday...enjoy,,hey wheres party for me??? 2d8gu8j.jpg

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