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Bit Comet ultra accelerator

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I would like to know if it is wise to use Bit Comet ultra accelerator in windows7 to increase the download speed?

Secondly HOW should it be used? Please HELP.


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The Comet team doesn't produce any BitComet accelerators. If it discovered some new feature, which could improve the speed, then it would simply include it in the next release of the client.

Why on earth would somebody want to code a poor working application, leave it like that and after that come up with another one which "accelerates" the first one?

Do you really think that if there was any major feature which if implemented would boost up the speeds significantly, the team would just ignore it?

Check out the changelogs of each version and you will see that there are dozens of improvements with any new release; why would the team not include something as big as a speed boosting feature?

But the real thing is, that with BitComet configured properly you will reach speeds which are usually limited only by your own connection's limits (that of course on healthy torrents, which can provide you with that speed). Therefore, there is no need for some other "accelerator".

These applications ("accelerators") are written by other people not by the Comet team and this stuff is most of the times a simple scam.

If you really believe that somebody else knows better then the Comet team, the codebase and inner way of working of BitComet then go ahead and install it on your own risk. But I would strongly advise against it.

And we definitely do not provide support for any application of such type. If you still want it, you'll have ask its creators about it. B)

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