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even though i'm using Google chrome i do a lot of my http downloads through BitComet.problem arises when i have to download something in non-scheduled time,i have to go all the way through options to get to scheduler then i have to make the present time as downloadable,then i need to stop other running tasks like torrents. and after all of this i have to download the desired files. once it's done i need to undo all the changes before quiting BitComet.

1.So, a force run button in the create new BitTorrent task or add download dialog box, so that the particular task should not be interrupted till it finishes irrespective of time when it is added and scheduled time.

Ex : if i added a task in 7:45 A.M and my scheduled limit is till 8:00 A.M.the task should run until it finishes.

2.enable/disable force run command should be added to right click context menu so that force run can be configured to any task at any time

Ex : in above example at 8:20 if i found the task is going to take too much of time i can disable the force run and enable the force run to another task which is already added and which is of small size so that i can have at least one file before shutting down the PC.

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What version of BitComet in your PC?

1. If you set scheduled on options,when you add a task in scheduled time,the task automatic enter the task queue(wait). It automatic run,when the present time in non-scheduled time.

Ex 1: if you add a task in 7:45 A.M and your scheduled limit is till 8:00 A.M. the task automatic run in 8:01 A.M.

2.You can stop the task which is of big size,and start another task which is of small size.

About"force run button" ,I feedbacked it to our group leader.But it will not be included in the plan for the moment.

Thank you very much.

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it's 1.20 latest one no doubt about it

1.i think you miss understood what i said.in my example my scheduled time is from 2:00 A.M to 8:00 A.M if i add a task at 7:45 that or whatever the task in the queue is automatically paused by scheduler when time hits 8:00 A.M.after that whatever task i added will be paused and later it will be downloaded in the scheduled time my idea was to bypass this. i think you got my timing wrong

2.my 2nd request and examples are complementary to my first request

i asked developer to add a force run button in the create new BitTorrent task or add download dialog box, so that the particular task should not be interrupted till it finishes irrespective of time that is scheduled time. so that while adding task we can configure weather the task should have force run privilege or not, in other word task should run in non scheduled time or not .

but,what if the user wan't to configure or Enable\Disable the force run option after task is added?for that a simple Enable\Disable command in the Right click context menu would be helpful

in my example if my scheduled time is 2:00 A.M 8:00 A.M then

a)i will add a task at 7:45 A.M

since my scheduled time is going to end after 15min and my scheduler will pause the task when time hits 8:00 A.M. so to bypass this i will Enable force run for that particular task because i can't wait till next morning

b)even though i wan't that files so badly. at 8:20 A.M i change my mind and i chose to download another file which is near completion so i just R-click on running task and i choose disable force run now that task is just like any other task i.e paused by the scheduler and r-click on another task and i choose enable force run now this task will have force run privilege that is it starts(or continues to run if i enable force run within scheduled time)even in non-scheduled time

2nd example was just stimulation for the reason of adding Enable\disable option in right click context menu

i think i was one step ahead, before you even implement force run option, i asked to add that option in r-click context menu also sorry :D :D :)

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