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I have TWO questions.

FIRSTLY, How can I password protect a Avi or any other video file format.

SECONDLY, Why is it that every time I download a torrent video file I always seem to have to download more than the actual size of the file,for example if the file size is say 500MB I end up downloading 520MB to get that file.

Please someone help.THANKS.

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1. One of the simplest ways is to put it in an password-protected archive. Of course any chain is only as strong as its weakest link; therefore, with all the password crackers out there and all the processing power, this will only be as good as your password is. It all depends on how sensitive the material you want to protect is.

You could try, steganography or a combination of the former and the later.

If you're talking about really sensitive materials, then probably you should use some more powerful encryption solutions.

2. For your second question why don't you consult the Wiki FAQ: What is 'rubbish data" and why am I downloading so much of it?

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Passworded files are widely hated and will likely get you labeled a spammer. Many sites flatly forbid this and would boot you off for it.

At the least make very sure everybody knows it's a passworded file before they waste their time downloading it. You are way better off finding some other way to do whatever you're trying to do.

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