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cant unblock port

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There isn't an alternative solution to opening the port in your firewall(s).

You either configure a firewall or disable/uninstall it.

You'll have to use their manual/help documentation to see how to do this on your AVG. Unfortunately, due to the great number of software firewalls out there, we don't have detailed instructions for each one of them. Running a third party firewall implies that you know how to configure it.

If you don't/won't, you're better off with the Windows firewall which BitComet can configure itself, without any need for help from your part.

Therefore the choice is on your side: learn how to configure your firewall or get rid of it.

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For most people, a third-party firewall is not a good idea. It puts most of the burden on you to make decisions that you aren't qualified and don't know how to make well or knowledgeably. As a result you are often not protected by that firewall despite all of the trouble it puts you through.

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The router has a firewall.

Windows has a firewall.

You've installed the AVG software firewall.

You must unblock any port in all three of these firewalls and in any other firewalls that you have. They're like gates on a path, and it only takes one closed gate to block the path no matter whether the others are open or not.

Multiple firewalls do not make you safer. They just give you headaches like this.

There is no port for UPnP. You have misunderstood this. UPnP controls ports, it is not controlled by a port.

You can open a particular port on your router manually, or you can try to use UPnP to do it automatically. If something goes wrong with UPnP, as it often does, then it is impossible to diagnose or correct. You will need to fall back on manual control. BitComet can control the windows firewall for you automatically, provided that you set it so. It cannot control any other software firwall automatically. UPnP cannot control software firewalls, so you must deal with AVG manually regardless.

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