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97% -> 3%


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So I started up BitComet as usual and double clicked my torrent. It was at 97.2% (I noticed), then went to 0%, and slowly raised up. It stopped at 3%, and then started downloading from there. I still have my 6.6gb worth of files, but it's still at 3%, is this just a visual bug? I restarted comp and everything, it's still at 3% (now 3.5% from downloading). Anyone know what's wrong?

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Sounds like Bitcomet performed a hash check and found that most of what you'd downloaded didn't pass. Exactly why that was, I have no idea. This may be a separate download, so look carefully at pathnames.

Bear in mind that if space has been allocated for a file it won't shrink. regardless of your settings. If you did download 6 GB, that space will still be apparently taken by the file even if most of the download hashfailed.

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As kluelos said, we have no way of knowing what caused this, but to clarify a bit, a "hash-check" is a method of checking each very small piece you have downloaded. If any single bit is out of place, that piece is discarded. From what you say, most of this download has failed, and if this is true, then it "could" be a sign of harddrive or file system errors.

Note: if your using an external or network storage device, then the drive letters could possibly changed, and bitcomet is no longer aware of where you have the files. If bitcomet starts up and doesn't see the files on drive "X", because it is now on drive "Y", then it will reduce to 0% complete on drive X. It is remotely possible that you had a folder with the same name and some of the same files on what is now drive X, explaining why it says 3% complete, but this seems like a very unlikely event.

The first thing I would do is to stop the torrent, then check that your download location is correct, then do a "manual hash check" with bitcomet. This could either return you to your full progress, or confirm your data is damaged.

We wish you luck,

BitComet Team

ps. If your data is lost, then it would probably be a good idea to check your drive/s for errors (a large amount of errors usually means your harddrive is failing/about to fail, or that your file system is corrupt. If this is the case, you can request help here in any of the non-bitcomet related sections of the forum.

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