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Running two BitComet instances on the same LAN

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I installed Bitcomet on 2 PCs at mine for several years now.

Today I updated both of them to 1.20

On one of the PCs I can still download like before

On the other PC I can't connect to the server and can't download

I must say I haven't been downloading on that 2nd PC for a long time, but I did long time ago.

Both PCs are running XP-SP3.

Services running are:

Avira Antivir Guard

DHCP client

Event Log

Plug and Play

Print Spooler


System Event Notification

Security Accounts Manager

COM+ Event System

COM+ System Application

Cryptographic Services

DCOM Server Process Launcher

Network Connections

PCP/IP NetBIOS helper


Windows Audio



I connect through a LAN to my router (ADSL broadband) and this message has been written on that PC (so I do have internet connection on that PC)

Settings for Bitcomit:

Listen port 13176

Add windows Firewall exception

No proxy

Enable eMule plugin listen port 15264

Check if port is forwarded properly automatically

I just can't download despite the message:

"Unable to sign in it Cometpassport at this time

You can still download, but your rank and score points will not be collected"

What is wrong and what can i do about it?

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Signing into bitcomet passport is unnecessary to download with bitcomet. This service is only to collect your statistics to increase your rank and points.

I suspect the system detects you already logged in on machine #1, therefore rejects your attempts to log in with machine #2, but I've never tested if this is possible (logging in with two computers on the same internet connection at the same time), or not.

A simple test would be to log out on machine #1, then try logging in on #2.

In any case, you can still download with both computers, but your stats will only be recorded if that client is logged in.

ps. Please don't post support requests within the "announcements" forum. I'll leave this here long enough for you to see the reply, but this topic will be deleted or moved soon after.

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It's not very clear to me if you use this same port numbers for BitComet and eMule on both PCs or just for the one you were writing from, when you typed the post above.

What's the reality?

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