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No connection for upload

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Sometimes when I look under Peers tab for all the connections

I can see many bt_connecting() but none can connect.

And their Progress show 0%

I have 100% of the files and would like to seed.

What should I do?

This does not happen every time, sometimes I can upload.

But often there is no connection.

I have a green light and "WAN" on my status bar.

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When you start the torrent it receives a list of peers from the tracker. This consists of IP addresses and port numbers. BitComet then opens a connection to each of them. Until this connection is confirmed by the peer, it is what is referred to as "half open" or "connecting" as it shows in your peers tab. However, this peer may no longer exist, or not available for any number of reasons.

Since it's not unusual, nor uncommon to have the tracker report inactive peers, I can see no information showing you are actually having a problem.

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Every connection you make results in an attempt to exchange piecemaps, the equivalent of, "Ok, what have you got? What do you want?", but that's not always successful, and every connection does NOT result in an actual trade. Most of them do not. The situation with seeding is more complicated because the seed does not like giving multiple pieces to the same peer.

We think of seeds as being very important, and they are, but when you are just a peer and transferring, you can see that most of your actual download comes from other peers. Very, very little of it comes from seeds. If you are in a fortunate situation where there are a bunch of seeders and you're one of the very few peers, then yes, you will get most of your download from seeds -- but this is an artifact of being able to go "round-robin" to each of them. From the POV of any one of them, it's been quite a while since they gave you a piece, so they're willing to give you another now.

Just because you're a seed doesn't make you a good connection too. If you're the ONLY source for a particular piece, then they have to get that one from you, however slow and flaky you may seem to them. But it may well be that others, who are not seeds, are seen as better, faster, more reliable connections from their individual viewpoints. In that case, they'll get the piece from a better connection and not from you. You may be sitting there idle until somebody wants a piece that only you have.

Each client has its own priorities and tries to satisfy its own needs from its own view of the network. This makes for some wonderfully complex behaviour as they all interact. You think it should all be smooth and homogeneous, but it's not. The network acts almost like a living thing, and a chaotic one. The behaviour that you see is what you get, and that's the way it is even if it doesn't make sense to you right now. You can't know everything about every node in such a system, so its behavior will constantly surprise you. There are people who write doctoral dissertations on this stuff.

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