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Some questions about Bitcomet

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Hi I'm new to Bitcomet 1.21 and just a novice computer user. Pls pardon some questions of mine.

1) Does the green status light about the listening port mean that it's not blocked by firewalls or anything? My windows vista SP1 firewall is configured to allow Bitcomet listening port, plus having "enabling windows firewall exception" checked in Bitcomet options. However my router's firewall is not manually configured to portforward, as Im having problems configuring it. Despite that I am still getting the green status light which is weird. Can anyone comment on this?

2) Some said you need to set a static ip address to sucessfully portforward your router, which I have not tried. Is it a must for this step? I prefer to skip this if possible, cause I heard that if done improperly, can cause other PCs in your home network to stop connecting to the internet.

Thanks for any insight provided to my idiocy :)

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I'll try to keep this really simple.

If your Wan light is green, then you don't have to worry about your port in your router.

If you want to know why, then it is likely that your routers uPnP function actually works (most do not), and bitcomet was successfully able to open your port.

more info...

Since your operating a LAN (local area network) made up of a router and at least one computer, they all need to have unique "local" IP addresses. If you were to setup portforwarding in your router, the router would only recognize your computer by the IP. This IP is assigned when the computer starts, and could change when your computer reboots. Setting this to static makes your computer request a specific IP address when it boots up, so that it's recognized by the portforwarding rule. If you didn't set a static IP address then you "may" need to change your routers settings everytime you restart the computer.

That is as brief as I can make it. If you wanted complex, then you can find a lot of info on portforward.com and other websites as well as here in the forum, but your one of the lucky ones that has a router that works "out of box", so just be grateful and hope it continues to work.

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Thanks both of u! I was wondering if my bitcomet went haywire since it shows green status light despite I having problems tweaking my router's settings. My downloads are still slow, well there may be other factors, but u guys have answered my questions. Thanks :)

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For the rest of the settings in BitComet you can check this: Up to date BitComet Speed Guide.

Especially make sure that you enforced the cap on the upload speed and limited the number of running tasks according to your upload speed setting.

Ignore the last part about port forwarding, since you already have an open listen port.

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Hi thanks guys. I have some confusions that need to be cleared:

1) Yes I have the green status light

2) The "statistics" tab in bitcomet 1.21 says "TDP/UDP ports opened in firewall/router"

3) When I am downloading, the "Peers" tab show some "remote" status

Just to confirm my curiosity, I went to "canyouseeme.org" to test my listening port, but I only get negative responses such as "Connection refused" and "connection timed out". Which one should I trust? Bitcomet or the website?

Following my mate's suggestions, I even went as far as to try confirming my windows firewall ports status (Opened), and setting my router to DMZplus mode (I supposed all ports are forwarded?). Bitcomet's UPNP mapping remains disabled/unchecked.

As usual I appreciate all inputs from you guys!

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Using DMZ mode in your router is unwise. The idea is to allow only bitcomet connections when incoming on one specific port. You don't want your router sending every unsolicited connection attempt to your computer.

When testing your port at canyouseeme.org, make sure bitcomet is running so it opens your firewall ports.

However, to answer your question as simply as possible, if you have remote peers, then you have nothing to worry about.

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