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BitComet working slowly!

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Hey guys! I have a problem with my connection/port forwarding/BitComet... I don't know with what exactly! So... Here's the deal:

My BitComet works slow, or it works in intervals - now it's 90 kB/s and a second later 2 kB/s!

I have already port forwarded my router and also tried different ports (like recommended from 50000 to 60000) and none of that worked!

I've alredy configured my Windows firewall too, so the listening port should be open! But it looks like it isn't because of the slow speeds I'm getting (even with LOTS of seeders), and the yellow light that says: Blocked:217.72.X.X:59999!

DHT is connected (it has a green light) and I've configured my BitComet like most people recommend.

And I also tried to test my port if it's open at a couple of sites and it always says that it's status is unknown. I'm kind of confused!

Oh yeah and sometimes the trackers say: Tracker connection error 10053 (something like the connection was blocked by the host's software or something similar to that). - I though these things are worth to mention, in order for you to help me. I would seriously appreciate any help at all.

And by the way - I'm not sure about the AV program (it's ESET NOD32 4.0.468.0)... I think if there's any configuration that I should do it isn't done already.

I hope you'll (be able to) help me. Thank you in advance! :)

EDIT: my max DL speed is cca. 260kB/s... And all my connections are Local <_<

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... I think if there's any configuration that I should do it isn't done already.

But we don't really know any of your real configuration, yet. Just general info.

I have already port forwarded my router and also tried different ports (like recommended from 50000 to 60000)
This is what you say. How are we to know you did it right?
I've already configured my Windows firewall too, so the listening port should be open!
Yes it should. But the same reasoning goes here too. We have no proof yet that you did that without fault (no offense).
I've configured my BitComet like most people recommend.
Who? People on this forum? Or better yet which guide have you followed?
And by the way - I'm not sure about the AV program (it's ESET NOD32 4.0.468.0)
Well, we are even more unsure. If you don't know if you have just an antivirus or a security suite installed, how could we know that with no further detailed info?
I hope you'll (be able to) help me. Thank you in advance! :)

I wish we were. But not really, since you failed to Read This Before Posting and didn't provide any specific settings (i.e. BitComet connection settings), steps you followed (which guides and specific steps for port forwarding) or readings either (e.g. the Statistics tab).

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1. I am using BitComet 1.21 (as you can see in my pictures that I will add)

2. Sorry, this may sound dumb and probably really is... but I don't know which type of connection I have. It was said that it's 2 mb/s (Max. speed on BitComet is about 260 kB/s and the upload max. speed is around 50 kB/s)

Speedtest results:


3. I have a modem and a router. My router is Linksys WRT54GL, and YES I have port forwarded it (I think I did it right)

4. No, I don't have two routers, only one and also only one computer (and wireless connection is off)

5. I have Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600); Antivirus is ESET NOD32 4.0.468.0 (latest updates applied)

And I will also uload pictures of my router, BitComet and AV settings!

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My BitComet settings:

1. Connection:

Global Max DL rate: Unlimited

Global Max Upload rate: Unlimited

Alternate Max. Upload Rate when Not Downloading is set on and Unlimited

Listen Port - 59999

Randomize port: unchecked

No Listening Mode: unchecked

Add Windows Firewall Exception: checked

Enable UPnP port mapping: unchecked

Remove port on NAT/Firewall when exiting: checked

1.1. Proxy

Proxy Type: No Proxy


2. Task:

Maximum number of concurrent downloading HTTP/FTP tasks: 10

Maximum number of concurrent downloading BitTorrent tasks: 10

Maximum number of concurrent seeding BitTorrent tasks: Unlimited

Auto start new task if download rate is less than: Unlimited

2.1. BitTorrent

Enable DHT network: checked

Enable Anti-Leech: Auto

Protocol encryption (Avoid BT protocol being blocked): Auto Detect

Enable Torrent Exchange: checked

Autos stop task when satisfying following conditions: checked

Share ratio equal or higher than: 200%

Seeds number equal to or higher than: 10

Time of seeding equal or longer than (min): 120

Maximum upload rate per task: Unlimited

Minimum upload rate per task: Unlimited

2.2. eMule

Plugin Status: Not Installed


Max. retries number in case of error: 10

Retry interval of error (sec): 5

Defaul number of connections to original URL for each task: 5

2.4. Long-Time Seeding

Enable LT Seeding: checked

Auto Upload Rate Control: checked


3. Virus Scan:

Perform a virus scan upon finishing task download: unchecked


4. Service:

Check for BitComet updates on startup: checked

Check for popular software updates: checked

Check frequency: every week

Sign in Comet Passport automatically: checked

Check if port is forwarded properly automatically: checked

Send video file snapshots after download has finished: checked

Query task comments and snapshot information automatically: checked

Enable popup BitComet tips: checked


5. Advanced:

bittorrent.anti_leech_min_byte | 1024

bittorrent.anti_leech_stable_sec | 120

bittorrent.connection.ltseed_protocol_selection | 2

bittorrent.enable_p2pcache | true

bittorrent.hash_check_on_finished | false

bittorrent.hash_check_thread_low_priority | true

bittorrent.max_connections_per_task | 0

bittorrent.tracker_user_agent | BitComet/${CLIENT_VERSION}

http.user_agent | Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

network.max_connecting_connections | 0

network.max_connections | 0

network.start_connect_interval_ms | 200

system.show_debug_info | false

system.use_app_data | false

ui.bittorrent.max_display_peers | 100

ui.preview_program_path | (it's empty here)

5.1. Disk Cache

Minimum disk cache size (MB): 6

Maximum disk cache size (MB): 50

Shrink disk size if free physical memory is lower than (MB): 50

Cache size for each HTTP connection (KB): 512

Auto-choose cache size in the given range: checked

5.2. TCP/IP Limit

Current OS version: Windows XP (5.1.2600)

TCPIP.SYS version: 5.1.2600.5625

Current half-open limit: 200

5.3. Remote Download

Enable Remote Download: Unchecked


These are my BitComet settings. Sorry for not posting this before... and sorry, for breaking the rules. :(

I'll post my router, Windows firewall and AV configuration soon too! If you need anything else in order to help me - just tell me! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S.: I am 100% sure I port forwarded my router right... Even though I am firmly sure the forwarding's right (I forwarded from port 59999 to port 59999 both UDP and TCP and checked the box on my router settings) - I'll post my settings later on, when I get from work. And one more thing - could someone PLEASE explain me what port TRIGGERING is about!? huh.gif

And again - apologies for not posting this in the first place! mellow.gif

EDIT: Sorry for not posting the pictures - had some problems and this seemed easier and also probably won't take so much space.

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Well, you did a lot more than was asked for (actually the Connection page of BitComet would have sufficed) but we do appreciate the effort.

The first thing we'll have to check and eliminate is your modem. Please let us know your make and model so that we can eliminate it as a possible cause (if your modem is a router too, or at least if it has firewall features integrated it will need to be configured as well or even perform port-forwarding on it).

If your modem is a simple modem, without any firewall features and you did forward your port correctly than it means that you still have another firewall between you and the internet. That may be an application you don't know about.

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In addition to Wizards advice, I'll point out that you have two different units of measure in regards to speed. Your ISP and your speed test are measuring in "bits" and BitComet measures in "Bytes". Bytes are represented by an uppercase B, bits by lower case b.


So when converted, your max download speed of 1980kb/s (1.98mb/s) is equal to about 247kB/s. Your downloads are never going to go faster then that, and will usually be in proportion to your ability to upload, which is 360kb/s or 45kB/s. On a good torrent you should see speeds faster then your max upload, but make sure you keep the torrent running after it completes until you have uploaded at least as much as you downloaded.

Also, since I see you have your max upload speed set to unlimited, I can see that you haven't even looked at our settings guides. Doing this with a connection like yours will consume all your upload and make your client unresponsive and the best peers will ignore you because you will seemingly be ignoring them.

Rather then just tell you what setting to use, I'll refer you to our settings guide. It will explain this, and you can go through all the settings. It should make a big difference.

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A big thanks to both of you. My modem is a Motorola SB5101E (SURF board). And yes finally I know - it's a cable modem! There's no firewall integrated in the modem itself as far as I know. The router is forwarded so yeah. I'll probably just follow The UnUsual Suspect's advice and read through your guide. After all thanks for your support. Thank you for helping a hopeless case - a person that knows pretty much everything and at the same time - nothing about computers/internet connection. Thank you. Many on other forums advise not to use BitComet, but I think BitComet is more than competitive to Azureus or UTorrent. Thanks to you The UnUsual Suspect and you - oh great, wise, old greywizard wink.gif


Alexander smile.gif

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Well, if you still have a yellow light, the next easy step would be that you connect your PC directly to the modem (taking the router out of the loop for testing sake) to see if that gets you a green light or not.

If you still get a yellow light, that will mean that the problem is definitely in the software configuration of your computer.

OTOH if you get a green light that would mean that there is still a configuration fault on the router.

This way you will know where you need to focus your attention further.

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I've followed your advice greywizard and it appears that my software is somehow blocking my port. Even though I disconnected my router it still showed the yellow light. Anyway I noticed that my speed is going up lately - probably because I configured BitComet (followed your advices and found taht topic about best BitComet settings)! So anyway thank you guys - you are one h*** of a support team! And you also have lots of patience. At least with me. A big thanks to both of you! Have a great day guys smile.gif

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Well, you should start checking for security suites installed on your machine. I don't know if your ESET installation includes a firewall or not.

You'll have to find out for yourself what software is messing with your Internet connectivity by trying to disable or uninstall (sometimes disabling some security suites just won't do, as they still keep resident modules working in spite of your command) and check if you are out of the woods or not.

We can't help you very much there since we don't really know what software is installed on your machine.

You should check everything starting from your ESET suite, going through other possible applications, up to the firewalls which may be installed with driver packages such as the Nvidia firewall (which many users had installed and didn't even know about).

A very useful tool to inspect your running processes is Process Explorer from SysInternals.

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Also be aware that many network software applications can block p2p programs. If you have any products by Nvidia (other then graphics drivers), like their Network address manager (NAM) or firewall, they will need to be completely removed, as they can't be disabled.

You'll probably find the offending piece of software if you look and do some testing.

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Well, two ways to fix this if you are certain your ports, router and modem are not the issue.

1. You can set NOD32 / ESET Smart Security's Firewall to Interactive and allow everything that pops up for BitComet

2. Open ESET > Tools > Network Connections > Right Click BitComet.exe (while it's running) and select "Temporarily Allow Communication for the process"

I don't use Num. 1 because it's annoying how often it asks for your permission to allow something to get access to the net (which is, by right, what it is suppose to do) so I use the 2nd solution, only downside is every time you close and re-open BitComet, you'll have to do it all over again. Having the Firewall on Automatic works fine with everything else i've tried.

Oh, and there's always the option of disabling the ESET Firewall completely, so that makes 3 (:


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:D use a wired connection, 10 times faster.

Many users have wifi connections that are faster then ethernet. My wifi max speed is 450mb/s and many ethernet connections are 100mb/s, some are even still using 10mb/s, but the slowest point is usually our internet connection so none of this really matters.

Also, since this is a very old post and seems to be abandoned by it's author, I'm going to close it. If the original author want's it opened again they can message a staff member.

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