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Uploading & Seeding

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Hi I need a little help with uploading.

Under the category channels are a list of channels (duh): downloading, completed, uploading etc. Although I have a few downloading and maybe 100 completed files, my uploading folder is empty. How do I allow people to upload from my files after they are completed. So far the only uploading I can do is when I'm downloading a file. When I download a file at 300kb/s the same file is usually uploading between 25-50 kb/s. How do I add files to my uploading file. Under the Torrent HIstory channel I right click on a file then left click on torrent share but how do I know if it is sharing. How do I know when someone is downloading off me other than when I'm downloading? :(

thanks :D :P

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during download, and after download completes, you will be uploading to other peers. This won't stop until you stop the torrent.

Note: if you have "long term seeding" enabled, then uploading will continue even after the torrent is stopped, but not via the normal bittorrent network. If you keep the torrent running, then all peers can download from you.

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Just make sure that in Options-->Task-->BitTorrent under the Auto-Stop section the share ratio is set to something higher, (like 200% or higher) so that your tasks won't auto-stop too soon.

Basically, seeding (uploading) means leaving the task running after you finish downloading. It will continue to make the source files available to other peers and if requested, upload towards them.

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