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Restarting unfinished torrent download,Need help!


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This is what happened,initially my operating system was Windows7 ultimate and I was downloading two PS2 games torrents everything was fine,but yesterday.I installed a downloaded program without scanning it and was infected with svchost.exe this kept on showing a massage that my disk drive was empty and so, in-order to get-rid of the problem I had to re-install my operating system and now I am running vista sp2.But in doing all this I forgot to copy the two .torrent files form its default directory c:user\..\AppData\local\temp.

My Question is how to restart the two downloads now that I don't have the .torrent files. And How to get Mozilla firefox to save the .torrent files in the directory I specify rather than its default directory c:\user\..\AppData\local\temp.

Please help.Thanks.

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Well, you will need the .torrent files. You can try the File-->Import unfinished download option and see if BitComet manages to find automatically the .torrent files for you. If not you'll need to manually download them again from the sites where you got them the first time.

As for saving the .torrent files, one way would be to go to Firefox-->Options-->Applications. On that page, look in the list for something like "BitComet file" and make sure that the respective entry says "Always ask". Then when you click the download link for the .torrent file on any site, you'll have the choice to save that file on disk (in the location which you set as default for Firefox, on the Options-->General page).

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The prudent method is to establish a directory for torrents, then always download torrents to it rather than opening them directly into the client.

THat is, always save every torrent (rather than opening it), to c:\Downloads\Torrents, open the torrent from there, when it's completed move the torrent to c:\Downloads\Torrents\Complete, and leave it there until your monthly maintenance (you know, chkdsk, defrag, virus spyware and rootkit scans -- you DO do that every month, right?) and you're certain you won't ever need this torrent again. (They can be a bear to find on the internet if you don't remember which site you got it from.)

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