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Automatic Shutdown of BitComet

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Hi there,

I am using BitComet since Dec 2009 and I have been a big fan of it. But since last two weeks, I have been facing one weird problem. When I start BitComet and begin to download the torrents, everything starts smoothly. I get even a speed as high as 4 MBPS but I don't know what happens after some time. The program BitComet closes itself automatically and I cannot find the process bitcomet.exe even in the task manager. But the icon in the system tray remains there until I hover my mouse over it. Once I hover my mouse over the System tray BitComet Icon, it's gone then too. My BitComet does not last more that 5-6 minutes.

Some background informations are as below:

1) BitComet Version: 1.22

2) Operating system: Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

3) Firewall: McAfee Total Protection 2010 (Including McAfee Personal Firewall v11.0)

4) Router: DLink DI-524 Wireless G Router

5) Speed Test result: (snapshot attached) (As I could not make any inference from that test ;), so I took the snapshot in stead of writing my own interpretation)

Sorry I am not a very 'techy' guy, so I don't know where to find the type of Internet Connection that I have.

Everything was alright until I upgraded to version 1.22. I even tried to uninstall it and then clean reinstall, but in vain.

However, I must say that I did not make any changes to settings for Windows or McAfee.

I hope for a quick solution here.

Thanks and regards.post-57956-12792801329951.png

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Just to eliminate this possibility; is the Auto-Shutdown function under Tools-->Autoshutdown disabled?

If it's not enabled, my advice is to downgrade to your previous version and run it for a few days; see if this still happens.

If it's a bug of version v.1.22 then it shouldn't happen with older versions, too.

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You will also need to check your system log for errors. This is something that you'll always need to do/know whenever you have an issue, so it's worth the trouble of learning.

Basically you're using an administrative tool called the "Event Viewer", and should read up in Help about how to do that.

You will need to look at all of the logs for recent serious errors in any of them.

At this time you will probably ALSO want to clean up the logs, because they'll likely contain every message since you bought the system. You don't need to save the logs, just delete them once you've dealt with any very recent problems.

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hi there, i got the problem as you.

Windows 7 ultimate 64, bicomet 1.23, thinkpad T410, 4G ram.

bitcomet runs perfectly at the beginning and the download speed is around 2.4M/s

then after a few hours, I found the comuputer shutdown automatically. It keep happen these days.

Finally i found that bitcomet eat a lot of RAM, i can see it cost 1.8Gb ram in the task manager, sometimes even bigger, then the system turn out to be slow....then crash......

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RAM is there to be used. RAM use by itself doesn't mean anything if the RAM is free and not being used by anything else. BitComet can buffer more of what it downloads, which means fewer disk writes, generally a good thing.

If the system is crashing, it is providing a log, or at least a screen of what happened. Those will provide you with information about what went wrong. No one can help you much without that information.

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Hello friends. It seems I have the same problem and it starts the same, in june or july. Not the OS is stopping but bitcomet do. After a few hours of running (sometimes when the download rate is high, but not always) My pc is running non stop and bitcomet restarts maybee 4-5 times/day. It always beginns with stoppimg some torents files with X, and after a few minutes(depends of the download speed at that moment) bitcomet is stopping and restarting. I'm not sure what version I used at the time when this problem ocures. I have a special pc used only for torrents, just a few programs instaled on it. Using an old XP version, no changes in configuration , programs instaled....etc. Mention, I'm using only bitcomet and from many years ago.

I hope my english is good enough for making me understand. PLEASE help me with an idea

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