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need help bitcomet 1.22 with windows 7 home

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hey i could really use some help on this, i downloaded the new bitcomet 1.22 version, but the thing is i can only download 10 tasks at a time, i thought for windows 7 there was no limit like xp sp2? i cant find anything that's limiting my tasks, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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The limit for the concurrent tasks number is on the Options-->Task page. I believe that you're confusing it with the number of half-open connections which is an entirely different cup of tea.

But depending on your connection's capabilities you should probably run much less than 10 simultaneous task. You need to acknowledge that all the running tasks split the upload bandwidth which in turn determines the speed at which each task will download.

So, unless you have an insanely high upload/download bandwidth, you'll probably want to limit the number of running tasks to something like 1-3 tasks for a 4-8Mbps download, 384kbps-1Mbps upload connection.

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If you run very active torrents on a typical home internet connection, you can actually download them faster doing one at a time, and it will make you a much better peer which in turn will get you connections with the faster peers.

If you run a large amount of connections, peers will offer to trade with your client (bitcomet), and when they receive nothing at all from you, they will give up and look elsewhere, and by the time you get around to sending what you promised, they won't want or need it anymore, so the tiny bit of bandwidth you are giving each torrent is completely wasted.

This logic is sound assuming all torrents are active, meaning they are using close to your maximum upload speed limit that you set (assuming you took the time to read our guides and find the optimal settings).

If you happen to have a very "weak" torrent that will never run fast, then your best option is to let it run slowly in the background while you run a healthy one, but for most cases one torrent at a time should do you best.

There are some cases where an advanced user will want to keep a number of torrents seeding long term, like if your the torrents uploader, or your supporting a private torrent tracker and want to keep torrents alive.

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