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Bookmarks open new tab

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When I click on a bookmark from the bookmark links bar, a new tab opens on each link I click. I want to open these links in the same tab which I already have opened, as in Firefox.

If you don't have an answer which fixes this specific problem, please do not respond to say "have you tried this" or "you need to look around your tools-options-settings", because these are not answers.

I see that another has posted this problem and the question was danced around and distorted even though, as I read the question, it was perfectly clear what he was asking. He gave up. I will too if there is no answer and CometBird is simply this way. To suggest that I use another browser is also not an answer, so don't go there. You see, all these non-responses show up on the main page as actual responses and then, possibly, someone with the real answer may not bother to view the question.

I also use Firefox. I have mirrored the tools-options-setting as well as the tab plus addon options settings. Yet, those exact settings in Firefox do not command the same results. I am testing ComentBird because the newest update for Firefox has cause the browser to hang constantly. I have to close that browser and reopen it to continue. I prefer to not do that and I am hoping that CometBird will be a good replacement.

Firefox and CometBird both have a game-breaker feature for me: I can zoom in on a webpage and the page does not distort as do Safari, Chrome, and IE. AND, the zoom setting remains forever whereas in these other browsers the distorted zoom has to be reset every single time I access the same webpage.



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First of all, your "problem" is everybody else's feature. If you simply type "Firefox load bookmarks in a new tab" in Google you find literally TONS of complaints from lots of users who wanted to make Firefox work, the way CometBird works right now.

Granted, one can never please everybody but the majority's vote has been cast on this matter, quite a while ago.

I guess that the CometBird development team just picked on that and included it as default behavior.

Therefore, it's nobody's fault that you're swimming upstream.

Being a feature it doesn't need "fixing". At best you may want to tweak it or disable it.

That being said, setting the browser.bookmarks.enhancement.openinnewtab entry to FALSE on the about:config page should take care of it.

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Thank you greywizard for the very timely and accurate response.

I regret using the word "problem". As you noted a "problem" to one may be a feature to another and I should have used the word feature.

I may be swimming upstream on this one but I bet that if you examined the browser on anybody's computer that the settings/look/features would be different on every single one! (except for a non-techie who may keep all defaults) Realizing this, it is fine that the default is different than my wishes - but a easy-find toggle switch would be appropriate.

Now...I have the perfect browser! :rolleyes:

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Just some advice, when your speaking to people who develop a product for you and do so for free, and then request support from professionals that donate their time just to help the users... then you walk in with nothing but complaints, as-if you just paid good money for something and demanding it's default setup be to your liking... well, we have words to describe people like that, but I'm too polite to use them here.

Now, you say that you want to have a simple toggle switch to change this setting, and there will probably be thousands, if not millions of other users who want a toggle to change something else... but the fact is that CometBird is a modified/enhanced version of Firefox, and Mozilla wrote this setting into the browser, and I'm sure our development team has much bigger concerns then to start cluttering up the browser with thousands of toggle switches.

So please, I'm not asking alot, only the same polite behavior you would greet a friend or family member with who just gave you a gift for free, or the polite way you would ask a friend to come help you fix something.

Our Staff works hard here, and I won't tolerate rude behavior. They deserve better.

*Topic Closed*

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